Republic (disambiguation)

Republic or The Republic can refer to:

* republic, a way to organize a state


* "The Republic" (Plato), a dialogue by Plato
* "Republic", a lost text by Crates of Thebes
* "The Republic" (Zeno) (Πολιτεία), a partially lost text by Zeno of Citium
* "De re publica" ("The Republic"), a dialogue by Cicero
* "Six livres de la république" or "La République", a 1577 book by Jean Bodin. It is sometimes known in English as "Republic", but it is equally known under the title of its first English translation in 1606, "Six Bookes of the Commonweale"
*"The Republic" (newspaper), a bi-weekly publication from Vancouver, Canada
*"The Arizona Republic", largest newspaper in Arizona
*The Republic (Indiana newspaper) Columbus, Indiana newspaper


* See List of republics


* Roman Republic, the era of Ancient Rome between the Kingdom (ending 510 BC) and the Roman Empire (starting 44 BC or 27 BC, depending on interpretation)
* Weimar Republic, the republic that governed Germany from 1919 to 1933
* Some countries such as France and Spain have several republican epochs, differentiated by number:
**First Republic (disambiguation)
**Second Republic (disambiguation)
**Third Republic (disambiguation)
**Fourth Republic (disambiguation)
**Fifth Republic (disambiguation)
**Sixth Republic of South Korea (1987-date)

Political advocacy

* Republic (political organisation), a British republican organisation


In the United States:
* Republic, Kansas
* Republic, Michigan
* Republic, Missouri
* Republic, Ohio
* Republic, Pennsylvania
* Republic, Washington, a village in eastern Washington state


*Republic Aviation Company, an aviation company notable for producing the P-47 Thunderbolt, the F-84 Thunderjet, and the F-105 Thunderchief.
*Republic Airlines refers to two companies:
** Republic Airlines, a regional air carrier affiliated with US Airways
** Republic Airlines (1979-1986), a defunct airline purchased by Northwest Airlines that ceased operating in 1986
*SS "Republic" of 1853, a ship lost in an 1865 hurricane with a large cargo of gold coins
*SS "Republic" of 1872, a liner of the White Star Line
*RMS "Republic" of 1903, the legendary White Star Line treasure-ship that sank after colliding with the SS "Florida"
*Republic (car), a failed automobile company
*Republic Airport, a general aviation airport in Long Island, New York


*Galactic Republic (Star Wars), the major government and power in the "Star Wars" prequels
*New Republic (Star Wars), a government in the "Star Wars" expanded universe that forms from the Rebel Alliance
*USS "Republic" (Star Trek), a starship in the "Star Trek" universe


*"Republic?" (album), a 2005 sHeavy album
*"Republic" (album), a 1993 New Order album
*Republic (band), a Hungarian pop group
*Republica, a British pop group
*Republic Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group
*"The Republic," a song by Gang of Four from their 1981 album " Solid Gold"


* Republic Pictures, an American movie and serial production company
* "", a 2003 computer strategy game
* Republic (retailer), a British clothing retailer
* Statue of the Republic, a statue in Jackson Park, Chicago

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* Republican

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