Cry for the Moon

Cry for the Moon
Demo album by Epica
Released 2002
Genre Symphonic metal
Length 00:11:47
Epica chronology
Cry for the Moon
The Phantom Agony

Cry for the Moon is a demo album by the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. At the time of the demo's release, Epica was still known as Sahara Dust and its female vocalist was Helena Iren Michaelsen.But the Sahara Dust demo has been sung in by Simone Simons and not Helena Iren Michaelsen what thinks many people. There are of the demo but 200 copy's of and by the band himself have been spent. [1] The two songs on this demo ('Cry For The Moon' and 'Illusive Consensus') were re-recorded and released later on The Phantom Agony.

The version of 'Cry For The Moon' on this release contains vocals and is different from the demo version included on ‘The Road To Paradiso’. The song was later released as the fourth and final single from the band's debut album, The Phantom Agony, this time with vocals from Simone Simons, replacing Helena Iren Michaelsen.


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