1778 in literature

"See also:" 1777 in literature, other events of 1778, 1779 in literature, list of years in literature.


*Novelist Sarah Scott gives up writing on receipt of her father's legacy.

New books

* Fanny Burney - "Evelina"
* Pierre-Louis Ginguené - "Satire des Satires"
* Clara Reeve - "The Old English Baron"

New drama

* Henry Brooke - collected plays
* Elizabeth Craven - "The Sleep Walker"
* Charles Dibdin - "Poor Vulcan"
* Samuel Foote
**"The Devil upon Two Sticks"
**"The Nabob"
**"The Taylors"
* John Home - "Alfred"
* Hannah More - "Percy"


* John Codrington Bampfylde - "Sixteen Sonnets"
* Thomas Chatterton - "Miscellanies"
* William Combe - "The Auction"
* George Ellis as "Sir Gregory Gander" - "Poetical Tales"
* William Hayley - "A Poetical Epistle to an Eminent Painter"
* John Scott - "Moral Eclogues"
* John Wolcot as "Peter Pindar" - "A Poetical, Supplicating, Modest and Affecting Epistle to those Literary Colossuses the Reviewers"


* Anna Barbauld - "Lessons for Children"
* Edmund Burke - "Two Letters on the Trade of Ireland"
* Vicesimus Knox - "Essays Moral and Literary"
* Ann Murry - "Mentoria"
* Thomas Pennant - "A Tour in Wales"
* Gilbert Stuart - "A View of Society in Europe"


* January 26 - Ugo Foscolo, Italian poet
* April 10 - William Hazlitt
* September 8 - Clemens Brentano
*November 1 - Mary Brunton, novelist


*May 30 - Voltaire, philosopher
*July 3 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher
*November 11 - Anne Steele, poet and hymn-writer
*"date unknown" - James Townley, dramatist
* Thomas Arne, musician
* William Pitt the Elder, politician

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