Standard test image

A standard test image is a digital image file used across different institutions to test image processing and image compression algorithms. By using the same standard test images, different labs are able to compare results, both visually and quantitatively. The images are in many cases chosen to represent natural or typical images that a class of processing techniques would need to deal with. Other test images are chosen because they present a range of challenges to image reconstruction algorithms, such as the reproduction of fine detail and textures, sharp transitions and edges, and uniform regions.

The most widely published standard test image is the Lenna image, from a 1972 centerfold photograph of "Playboy" model Lena Soderberg.

Kodak test set for compression comparisons

Kodak has released a set of 24 losslessly compressed 768×512 images, available as PNGs, that are widely used for comparing image compression techniques. [cite web | url = | title = Kodak Lossless True Color Image Suite | author = Rich Franzen | accessdate = 2007-08-13]

Common test images

The standard size of the images are usually 512x512 or 720x576. Most of these images are freely available as TIFF files from the University of Southern California's Signal and Image Processing Institute. [ [ USC-SIPI Image Database ] ]


ee also

* FERET database (DARPA/NIST face recognition database)
* [ True-color Kodak test images]

External links

* [ The USC-SIPI Image Database] — A large collection of free standard test images
* [ The New Test Images] — High-resolution high-precision images for image compression research and algorithm evaluation.
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* [ Color and grayscale image denoising] — Includes MATLAB denoising codes and many of the standard grayscale and color test images
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* [ Image structure preserving of lossy compression]

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