Michaelmas term

Michaelmas term

Michaelmas term is the first academic term of the academic years of the following British and Irish universities:

and is used unofficially in several other University of London colleges. It also used to be the third and final term at the University of Sydney before it swapped over to the two semester system in 1989.

Michaelmas term derives its name from the Feast of St Michael and All Angels, which falls on 29 September. The term runs from September or October to Christmas and is the only term name shared by Cambridge and Oxford.


The legal year

The term is also the name of the first of four terms into which the legal year is divided by the Courts of England and Wales. While the name is not used in the United States court systems, the United States Supreme Court nevertheless follows the custom by beginning its year-long term on the first Monday in October, a date which generally coincides with Michaelmas.


Schools in the United Kingdom which use the name 'Michaelmas term' include:

Schools in the United States which use the name 'Michaelmas term' include:

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