Khalistan Zindabad Force

Infobox militant organization
name = Khalistan Zindabad Force
leader = Ranjit Singh Neeta
foundation = 1985
area = Pakistan and India
ideology = Khalistan
allies =
enemies = India
status = The European Union classifies the Khalistan Zindabad Force as a terrorist organisation, freezing its monetary assets throughout its 25 member countries.]

The Khalistan Zindabad Force is a militant outfit comprised mainly of Jammu based Sikhs that advocates the creation of an independent Sikh majority state called Khalistan by achieving the independence of the Punjab state in India and adjoining Punjabi-speaking areas of neighbouring Haryana and Himachal Pradesh via an armed struggle.

The Khalistan Zindabad Force is headed by Ranjit Singh Neeta. Ranjit Singh is among India's 20 most wanted persons and is believed to be currently living in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Ranjit Singh is a native of Jammu & Kashmir and the Khalistan Zindabad Force draws the majority of its support base from Sikhs from Jammu.

Since the early 1990's the Khalistan Zindabad Force has been largely inactive but has occasionally made its presence felt in India by carrying out strikes on Indian targets, mainly in Punjab, Jammu and New Delhi.

The strength and striking capabilities of the Khalistan Zindabad Force in currently unknown but it is believed that over recent years attempts have been made for the Khalistan Zindabad Force and militant groups from Kashmir to co-ordinate their efforts.

In December 2005 the European Union classified the Khalistan Zindabad Force as a terrorist organisation, freezing its monetary assets throughout its 25 member countries.


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