Shark suit

Shark suit

A shark suit is a body-cover suit made of chainmail worn sometimes by scuba divers to protect against shark bite. A standard shark suit cannot be guaranteed against great white shark bite: that hazard needs an especially heavy shark suit.


In the late 1970s, marine biologist Jeremiah Sullivan developed a flexible suit of armor for divers to wear while working around sharks. Often referred to as: Metal Mesh Shark Suit, Chain Mail Anti-Shark Suit, Steel Mesh Shark Suit, etc. Its actual name is the NEPTUNIC Sharksuit. The technology Sullivan developed and continues to advance is now known and used throughout the world.


A typical shark suit is constructed of extremely tightly-woven steel or titanium rings covering a standard neoprene wetsuit. A shark bite will not be able to penetrate the rings, because the jaws will be shutting too slowly and the shark's muscles will not be able to cut the metal. Similar to chainmail, divers wearing sharksuits can suffer from broken bones from the sheer force of a shark chomping down on a limb.


* [ The original shark suit patent]
* [ Question to expert regarding ballistics]
* [ Abstracts on shark armor]

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