Pervouralsk ( _ru. Первоура́льск), which may be translated as "the first in the Urals", is a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Population: 132,700 (2005 est.); 132,277 (2002 Census); 122,000 (1974); 90,000 (1959); 44,000 (1939).

The city is famous for the monument that symbolizes the border between two continents—Europe and Asia. The monument is located two kilometers from the city.

Pervouralsk was founded in 1732, and was granted town status in 1933.

The mayor of the city is Maksim Fedorov.

Postal code: 623100. International dialing code: +7-343-9


Pervouralsk is located on the Chusovaya River (Kama's tributary) some 39 km west of Yekaterinburg, 1,622 km east of Moscow, at coord|56|55|N|59|57|E|region:RU_type:city(132,277).

The total area of a city is 2063.85 km².

The nearest town are:
*Revda (13 km to the south)
*Degtyarsk (25 km to the south)
*Sredneuralsk (32 km to the east)
*Novouralsk (37 km to the north)

Elevation: 283 m.

The nearest international airport is Koltsovo in Yekaterinburg, some 55 km from the city.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the city was adopted in 2002. The sable is taken from a label of Demidov's steel factory. The ring actually represents a section of a pipe. Pipes are basic production of Pervouralsk.


History of Pervouralsk began in 1730, when Vasily Demidov began the building of the iron-making factory. It produced pipes for more than 200 years. The village around the factory has got the name "Vasilyevsko-Shaytansky". Only in 1933 the village became a city and was renamed into Pervouralsk, and the factory was renamed "Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works".


There is a branch of the Ural State Technical University in the city.


Pervouralsk is the second fastest-developing city in Sverdlovsk Oblast after Yekaterinburg (2005 [ Ural Information Bureau] ). The annual growth rate of industrial output remains steadily at 25-30%; the retail turnover increases 20% a year (2005 [ Ural Information Bureau] ). This positively affects the unemployment rate, which stays at low 1.16% (2005 [ Ural Information Bureau] ), and leads to the number of vacancies to exceed the number of unemployed people.

Average monthly salary is about $300, which is a little bit lower than the average in the region, which is $350 ( [ Local Information Centre] ).

The city attracts attention of large businesses—only within last years there happens merges and acquisitions with Pervourask enterprises, such as "Wimm-Bill-Dann", a well known diary company, acquiring a diary plant in Pervouralsk and Chelyabinsk Pipe Group, the second largest in the country, acquiring "Pervouralsk Novotrubny Works".

Main businesses

"Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works"

Established in 1934 on the boundary between Europe and Asia in the heart of the Ural Mountains, it has inherited the traditions and high industrial standards of Ural craftsmen, whose products have been renowned throughout Europe since 17th century.

"Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works" produces more than 25,000 types and sizes of pipes and specially shaped tubes from 200 carbon, alloyed and stainless steel grades according to 34 Russian and 25 foreign standards and 400 specifications.

Certification by the American Petroleum Institute and the German TUV for meeting DIN standard requirements, as well as a number of other requirements, attests to the quality of pipes produced by "Pervouralsky Novotrubny Works".

It was acquired by Chelyabinsk Pipe Group in 2005.

JSC "Pervouralsk Plant of the Tubular Building Constructions" ("PZTSK")

Leader in the field of metal constructing, wall and roofing panels in the Russian Federation since 1975. Also offers construction decisions and installation of buildings. PZTSK's quality management system is in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Pervouralsk Plant of Complete Metallic Construction

One of the leading enterprises in Russia in the sphere of designing, producing and assembling of building and light metallic construction of complete delivery. At the present moment the plant produces 1,300 tons of metallic constructions, 35,000 m² of wall roof panels and 7,000 m² of windows per month.

Pervouralsk City Dairy Plant LLC

The plant was put into operation in 1970; its designed capacity is 120 tons per day. Currently the plant processes up to 20 tons of milk per day and specializes in the production of natural dairy and curds products, as well as drinking yogurts under the "Snegirevo" brand. The plant employs 165 people. It was acquired by Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods OJDS in 2006.

JSC "Pervouralsk Silica Plant" (JSC "Dinur")

One of the biggest refractory plant, manufacturing shaped and monolithic refractories. The company is the only producer of silica bricks in Russia. The number of employees is 3,000.

The plant has its own deposit of crystalline quartzite (Karaulnaya mountain), suitable for production of high quality silica bricks, milled qurtzite.

JSC "Dinur" exports silica bricks for coke ovens to Algeria, Egypt, Czech, Poland etc. The company fully provides the Russian market with its products.

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