12 Aquilae

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name=12 Aquilae
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caption = 12 Aquilae
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ra=19h 01m 40.8272s
dec= -05° 44′ 20.814″
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r-i = 0.54
v-r =
b-v = 1.09
u-b = 1.09
variable=Variable star
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prop_mo_dec= -39.73
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luminosity=0,4 | temperature=3,500–5,000
rotation=< 17 km/s
0,007348 Year

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names=SV* ZI 1577, GSC 05140-04781, 2MASS J19014083-0544209, TD1 23702, HD 176678, NSV 11655, TYC 5140-4781-1, i Aql, HIC 93429, PLX 4414, UBV M 23405, BD-05° 4840, HIP 93429, PPM 202441, UBV 16146, CSV 101794, HR 7193, RAFGL 2302, YZ 95 6515, GC 26141, IRAS 18589-0548, ROT 2705, YZ 0 4050, GCRV 11472, IRC -10483, SAO 142931, JP11 3061.
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12 Aquilae (12 Aql) or i Aquilae (i Aql) is a fourth-magnitude star in the constellation Aquila. It carries the very seldom used Hebrew name Bered, meaning "hail" or "hailstorm".

12 Aquilae is a star varying in both magnitude and spectral type. Its apparent magnitude is 4.02. 12 Aquilae is located about 150 light-years from Earth.



External links

* [http://www.alcyone.de/SIT/bsc/ Yale Bright Star Catalog; click on Aquila]
* [http://www.purplehell.com/riddletools/stars.htm The Constellations and Named Stars]
* [http://www.alcyone.de/cgi-bin/search.pl?object=HR7193 HR 7193]
* [http://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/AladinPreview?-c=19+01+40.8272-05+44+20.814&ident=SV*+ZI++1577&submit=Aladin+previewer Image 12 Aquilae]
* [http://webviz.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR-S?HR%207193 HR 7193]

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