Philip (son of Machatas)

Philip (in Greek Φιλιππoς; died 326 BC), son of Machatas, was an officer in the service of Alexander the Great, who was appointed by him in 327 BC satrap of India, including the provinces westward of the Hydaspes, as far south as the junction of the Indus with the Acesines.rf|1|arr_5.8 After the conquest of the Malli and Oxydracae, these tribes also were added to his government.rf|2|arr_6.14

Philip was put in charge by Alexander of building the city of Alexandria on the Indus.

The territory south of the junction of the Indus with the Acesines to the sea was given to Oxyartes and Peithon, son of Agenor (Arrian, Anabasis of Alexander VI.15.4)

Droysen considers this Philip to have been the father of Antigonus, the king of Asia. It is certain at least that they were both of the race of the princes of Elimiotis.

After the departure of Alexander from India, Philip was assassinated by a conspiracy formed among the mercenary troops under his command, 326 BC.rf|3|arr_6.27_curt_10.1 Alexander named Eudamus and Taxilas as rulers of his territories in replacement:

:"Alexander dispatched letters to India to Eudamus and Taxilas telling them to take charge of the distric formerly under Philip, until he himself sent a satrap to govern it." (Arrian, Anabasis of Alexander, VI.27.2)


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