Postage stamps and postal history of Kazakhstan

This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Kazakhstan.

Under the Soviet Union, the Kazakh SSR postal service was an integral part of the Soviet system. The republic was periodically recognized in sets of stamps honoring the different parts of the USSR.

Kazakhstan became independent in December 1991, and wasted no time in organizing its own post. Its first stamp, depicting a warrior's suit found at the Issyk mound in 1969, was issued 23 March 1992. Overprinted stamps of the USSR are also known from this early period, but the Philatelic Club of Almaty has concluded that their official status is uncertain; although some saw postal usage, they were not generally available in post offices, nor do their values reflect actual postal rates in effect. (Although they may be fabrications intended to deceive collectors, this has apparently not been proven or disproven.)

The first definitive stamps were a set of five issued in 24 January 1993, four of which were a stylized design consisting of a yurt and spaceship (alluding to the country's Baikonur Cosmodrome), along with a high value of 50 rubles depicting the flag of Kazakhstan.

The currency changed to tijn and tenge around the end of 1993. Existing stamps, all denominated in rubles and kopecks, were then sold as if they were in the new currencies. New stamps issued in the first half of 1994 were initially sold as denominated in tijn, then later in tenge. The yurt-and-spaceship design was re-issued in the new currency beginning in July 1994.

Kazakhstan has since followed a moderate pattern of issues, averaging 30 to 40 types per year. The space theme is frequent.

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