List of Los Angeles bike paths

Bike paths in the greater Los Angeles area are divided into "classes" which seem to vary in definition from document to document, but essentially are:

* Class I Bike Path - Completely separate from traffic.
* Class II Bike Lane - A lane set aside in city streets exclusively for bikes. California traffic laws state that cars may only pull into a path when within 200 feet of making a right turn. There is no law on opening the driver's side door, which is a common cause of injuries to cyclists. The most common cause of injuries in these lanes is from automobiles making a right turn in front of a cyclist after passing the cyclist. This is due to motorists not being accustomed to watching for traffic on their right when they are in the "slow lane".
* Class III Bike Route - Purportedly safe city streets connected into a means of getting from one place to another on a bike.

For more information on classifications of bike paths, please see the article Segregated cycle facilities.

It should be noted that when riding on these bike paths you will be completely uncovered by any warranties as regards your fitness for safe cycling. In other words, if there is a dangerous hazard as a result of the construction standard of the bikepath and you are injured you cannot sue the City or Council of Los Angeles to cover your medical expenses. This is in direct contrast to ordinary city streets. There are two pieces of case law which establish this clearly, one of them being Prokoff vs City of L.A.

It is legal in Los Angeles to ride on sidewalks as long as riders do not show "wanton disregard" for the safety of other sidewalk users. In California, when mounted and riding on the road, cyclists are required to 'behave like vehicles' when it comes to obeying signals, signage, and lane restrictions (see the [ "California Driver Handbook"] for details). In brief: Riders are to ride with traffic, yielding unobtrusively to the right when practicable, merging with a "true lane" of traffic when shoulder hugging is not practicable or when turning left.


* Arroyo Seco bicycle path
* Azusa River bicycle path
* Ballona Creek bicycle path
* Bolsa Chica bicycle path (includes Huntington Beach)
* Browns Canyon Wash bicycle path
* California Aqueduct bikeway
* Coyote Creek bicycle path
* Culver Boulevard Median bicycle path
* Duarte bicycle path
* Hermosa Valley Green Belt path
* L.A. River bicycle path
* La Mirada bicycle path
* Lario bicycle path
* Legg Lake bicycle path
* Long Beach bicycle path
* Long Beach Green Belt path
* Metro Orange Line bicycle path
* Mount Lowe Railroad Trail
* Puddingstone Reservoir bicycle path
* Rio Hondo bicycle path
* San Diego Creek bicycle path
* San Gabriel River bicycle path
* Santa Ana River bicycle path
* Santa Clara River Trail
* Santa Monica bicycle path
* Sepulveda Dam bicycle path
* The Strand (South Bay bicycle path)
* Thompson Creek bicycle path
* Watts Towers Crescent Greenway
* West Los Angeles Veloway
* Yorba Linda bicycle path

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* List of Class I paths fleshed out with information from the [ LA Bike Paths] site
* Locally available information and maps
* User postings from [ the Bikepaths Yahoo! group]
* [ Rails to Trails Conservancy trail page]
* [ California Driver Handbook]
* LA Bikeway Guide, Westside / Central City Area
* LA Bikeway Guide, Valley Area
* LA Bikeway Guide, Harbor Area

External links

* [ Bike Route Planing w/Map and Elevation change calculated]
* [ Bicycle Friendly Community]
* [ NEW L.A. Bike Paths]
* [ Rails-to-Trails Conservancy]
* [ "Bikepaths: LA Bicyclists"] Yahoo! group
* [ "California Driver Handbook"]
* [ "Metro Bike Map"] Map of many Class I, II, and III bikeways in Los Angeles County (876kB PDF, April 2006)

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