Jewish Federation

Jewish Federation

A Jewish Federation is a confederation of various Jewish social agencies, volunteer programs, educational bodies, and related organizations, found within most cities in North America that host a viable Jewish community.

Jewish federations can wield a sizeable degree of influence in the Jewish communities where they are located. Many of the local federations hold annual fundraising drives (typically known as "Super Sunday"), that are expected to raise most of the next year's budgeting for many community programs. In return, in many communities the agencies which receive funding from the federation agree not to engage in major fundraising for themselves for a number of months often called the "primacy period" when the local federation's fundraising has primacy. As such, decisions made by the local federations can have a great impact on the community, including the opening or closing of programs, large-scale staff hirings and firings, and land purchases and sales.

The umbrella organization for the 155 North American Jewish federations is United Jewish Communities.

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