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Location of Mokokchung
in Nagaland and India
Coordinates 26°19′N 94°30′E / 26.32°N 94.50°E / 26.32; 94.50Coordinates: 26°19′N 94°30′E / 26.32°N 94.50°E / 26.32; 94.50
Country India
State Nagaland
District(s) Mokokchung
Population 41,746 (2001)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)


1,325 metres (4,347 ft)


Mokokchung (Hindi: मोकोकचुंग) is a town and a municipality in Mokokchung district in the Indian state of Nagaland. It is the district headquarter as well as the main urban hub of Mokokchung district. Mokokchung is the cultural center of the Ao people and is economically and politically the most important urban centre in Northern Nagaland. In fact it is the most important urban hub in all of Nagaland after Dimapur and Kohima. The town is made up of 16 wards of which Kumlong, Sangtemla, Alempang and Yimyu are the largest. Mokokchung is particularly noted for its extravagant Christmas, New Year, Moatsu and Tsungremong celebrations. Its tradition of celebrating Christmas and New Year midnight celebrations in the main town square is regarded as one of the unique features of Mokokchung. Historically, Mokokchung was one of the first Naga Hills sites where the Assam Rifles, led by Britishers, established their outposts (then called stockades) in the later part of 19th century. Much of the town initially grew around this post located in the DC Hill. The British administration was then gradually extended eastwards towards the remoter parts of the Naga Hills.



District map of Nagaland with Mokokchung city

Mokokchung is located at 26°20′N 94°32′E / 26.33°N 94.53°E / 26.33; 94.53.[1] It is located at an elevation of 1325 metres above sea level.

Mokokchung has a mild climate throughout the year. For ten months of the year, maximum temperature hovers in the mid twenties.


Mokokchung's central location has helped it to be the converging point of maximum number of highways and hence it is better connected to most areas of Nagaland when compared to Kohima and Dimapur. Besides,every village and settlement of the district is well linked to the town by district and community roads.

Major Highways passing through Mokokchung are:


As of 2001 India census,[2] the population under Mokokchung Municipal Council (excluding the colonies beyond Sungkomen Ward) had a population of 31,204. The actual population is 41,746 (including Yimyu ward which was incorporated into Mokokchung proper in 2003, i.e. after the last census in 2001). Its metropolitan agglomeration has a population of 60,161. Males constitute 55% of the population and females 45%. Mokokchung has the highest literacy rate in the state with an average literacy rate of 84%, far above the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 84%, and female literacy is 83%. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.

The population is predominantly Ao, as the town is the heart and the cultural centre of the Aos.

Satellite towns (sub urban areas) of Mokokchung

Dimapur and Mokokchung are the only towns in Nagaland with a significant sub urban population. Mokokchung is the hub of Mokokchung Metropolitan Area, a term which refers to the continuous settlements from Alichen in the south, through Mokokchung town up to Amenyong and Khensa in the North West; and from Mokokchung town through Fazl Ali College up to DEF colony in the North East.

The trend of sub urbanization in Mokokchung ( which had started in Western countries in the sixties) started in the eighties with the mushrooming of satellite towns like Yimyu and Marepkong. Today, the urban settlement has spilled outside the historical boundary of Mokokchung town. This trend has speeded up (since the late nineties) so much so that the erstwhile satellite town of Yimyu boomed and spread towards Mokokchung and became conjoined with it. Today it has become a ward of Mokokchung. As a result of this flight to the suburbs, population growth in Mokokchung town (the area under the municipality comprising the fifteen wards) has slowed down while the satellite towns are booming.

Besides, the following villages have been engulfed by the spiralling urban spread of Mokokchung and have acquired urban characteristics. In fact, though not part of the municipality, they have become very much a part of Mokokchung and are confused by many tourists as being localities of the town.

People are now living miles away from the main town in smaller suburbs as well as villages, who drive to work daily to the main town. This phenomenon is in sharp contrast to other towns in Nagaland like Kohima, Wokha and Zunheboto where an overwhelming majority of the population tend to be concentrated in the main town.

Population distribution of the metropolitan area

Place Status Region Population (2001 Census Figures)
Kumlong Urban (i.e. Ward) West 3,804
Kichutip Urban West 1,160
Aongza Urban West 2,361
Yimyu Urban North-West 2,586
Khensa Village North-West 3,914
Amenyong Suburban North-West 632
Alempang Urban North 2,622
Dilong Urban North 1,712
Sangtemla Urban Central 2,721
Arkong Urban Central 2,546
Salangtem Urban Central 2,160
Alongmen Urban Central 2,200
Tongdentsuyong Urban North-East 1,746
Sungkomen Urban North-East 1,645
Chuchuyimpang Village North-East 3,438
DEF & FAC Campus Suburban North-East 924
Majakong Urban East 2,118
Penli Urban East 2,447
Mokokchung Village Village East 3,874
Marepkong Suburban South 1,170
Ungma Village South 7,189
Aolijen Suburban South 826
Alichen Suburban South 4,403
Artang Urban South 1,963
TOTAL 60,161


Christianity is the predominant religion of Mokokchung, with more than 95% of the population being Baptist. The Aos were the first of the Nagaland peoples to embrace Christianity in the 19th century, and the area is the hub of India's Baptist belt. The revivalist movement that swept the entire state of Nagaland in the 1970s originated in Mokokchung District and Mokokchung was a major centre. Impur, 15 kilometres away, is the centre of the Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (Ao Baptist Churches Convention). The main town Baptist church, located at the heart of the town, is one of the largest churches in Asia.[citation needed]

The other religions and faiths practiced in Mokokchung - mainly by immigrant business community from mainland India - are Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.

Art and Culture

Mokokchung is the intellectual and cultural capital of Nagaland. From the late 19th century, through the 20th century and continuing in the present times, the sons and daughters of Mokokchung have excelled and led the state in every field. Mokokchung is the home and venue of "Naga Idol", a talent search contest on the lines of "American Idol". Naga Idol show holds the distinction of having garnered the highest TV viewership and record sales in Nagaland. It official website is


Mokokchung has political importance in Nagaland. Apart from Mokokchung town constituency, parts of the town fall under three other state assembly constituencies—namely, Aonglenden and Mongoya—thus making the town the deciding factor in 3 of 60 assembly seats in the state legislature. Leaders from the town played a major role in brokering a deal with the Government of India at the height of the Indo-Naga conflict in the 1950s, resulting in the formation of Nagaland state as the 16th state of India in 1963.

Over the last two decades, Mokokchung has become a stronghold of the Indian National Congress party which can be partly attributed to the fact that the party was led by S. Chubatoshi Jamir whose constituency was Aonglenden. In the 2003 general Assembly elections, Indian National Congress won Aonglenden, Mongoya and Mokokchung town constituencies while Koridang constituency was won by an Independent candidate.

Important political leaders of Nagaland from Mokokchung:

  • P. Shilu Ao, the first Chief Minister of Nagaland
  • S. C. Jamir, the longest serving Chief Minister of Nagaland and the former Governor of the States of Goa and Maharastra
  • Aliba Imti , a former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)and the first president of the Naga National Council (NNC)
  • N. I. Jamir
  • K. Asungba Sangtam, two time former Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)
  • C. Apok Jamir, former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and the present Member of Legislative Assembly from Aonglenden constituency
  • Supongmeren, present Member of Legislative Assembly from Mongoya constituency
  • T.Sentichuba,Present Member of Legislative Assembly from Angetyongpang constituency

The following are the proposed distribution of wards of Mokokchung under Assembly constituencies as part of the delimitation process.[1]

  • 25 Mongoya A/C
    • 1. Majakong ward
    • 2. Sungkomen ward
  • 26 Aonglenden A/C
    • 1. Penli ward
    • 2. Artang ward
    • 3. Marepkong ward
    • 4. Sangtemla ward
    • 5. Dilong ward
    • 6. Arkong ward
  • 27 Mokokchung town A/C
    • 1. Salangtem ward
    • 2. Kumlong ward
    • 3. Aongza ward
    • 4. Alempang ward
    • 5. Alongmen ward
    • 6. Tongdentsuyong ward
    • 7. Yimyu Ward
    • 8. Kichutip ward

The eighteen (Officially recognized) wards of Mokokchung

  • Kumlong
  • Aongza
  • Penli
  • Majakong
  • Salangtem
  • Sangtemla
  • Yimyu
  • Alempang
  • Sungkomen
  • Kichutip
  • Tongtentsuyong
  • Artang
  • Arkong
  • Dilong
  • Alongmen
  • Marepkong
  • Lijabalijen
  • Mongsenbai

Major Churches

  • Mokokchung Town Ao Baptist Arogo (Mokokchung town Ao Baptist Church)
  • Kumlong Baptist Arogo
  • Sungkomen Baptist Arogo
  • Alempang Baptist Arogo
  • Ongpangkong Baptist Arogo
  • Phom Baptist Church
  • Christian Evangelical Church
  • Nepali Baptist Church
  • Queen Mary's Cathedral
  • Mokokchung Pentecostal Church
  • Sema Baptist Church
  • Sema Revival Church
  • Tenyidie Baptist Church
  • Chang Baptist Church
  • Police Church


Mokokchung has handful of attractions. One of the most popular attractions includes the Mokokchung District museum in the Arts and Cultural Complex. The museum display exhibits various artifacts of Ao Naga tribe such as swords, shield, shawl, clothing, traditional jewelry, accessories and more. Another popular attraction of the town is the Town main park, which is located just above the Town Center. The park features a soccer ground and a watch tower.


Soccer, basket ball and cricket are the most popular sports in Mokokchung other sports include's snooker, famous snooker players are moa, imti among others. The town has two basketball courts, two soccer fields and one cricket field.


Mokokchung host various events and concerts round the year, but the two most popular events are the MTFA, which is a district level soccer tournament. Various soccer clubs from across the district compete in this tournament for name, fame and money. The other even is the Midnight Service, which takes place every year on New Year's Eve. The whole town gather at the Town main center and welcome the new year with much celebrations. The Midnight Service features live bands, mostly local rock bands, comedy shows and fireworks.


  • The Nokinketer
  • Mokokchung Channel
  • All India Radio, Mokokchung
  • Ao Milen (daily newspaper in Ao language)
  • [Tir Yimyim][2]

The various satellite cable TV network provider also runs local channels of their own.


Higher Secondary and High Schools

  • Ladybird school
  • Mayangnokcha Higher Secondary School
  • Queen Mary's School
  • Nivukhu high school, majakong
  • Edith Douglas Higher Secondary School
  • Assam Rifles High School(Affiliated to CBSE), 30 Assam Rifles
  • Jubilee Memorial School
  • Model Higher Secondary School
  • Imsutemjen Memorial School
  • Town K.G. School
  • Children's High School
  • Canaan Christian School
  • Government High School, Dilong
  • Hill View School

Universities and Colleges

  • Fazl Ali College
  • People's College
  • Mokokchung Law College
  • Institute of Communication and Information Technology
  • Nagaland University, Lumami (less than 20 km away from Mokokchung)
  • Clark Theological College, Alichen

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