List of people on stamps of Gabon

Gabon first had its own stamps as a French colony in 1886. During this period, the only identified people to appear on Gabonese stamps were Count Savorgnan de Brazza who first appeared on a postage due stamp of 1930, then on a regular issue stamp in 1932, and his aide Chief Makoko of the Bateke who also appeared on the 1930 postage dues.

Gabon used the stamps of French Equatorial Africa from 1934 until it gained independence on November 28, 1958.

The people listed below have featured on Gabonese stamps since independence. The number following the name shows the year in which that person was first featured.


*Konrad Adenauer (1968 airmail)
*Clement Ader (1973)
*Ahmadou Ahidjo (1974)
*Andres Aldama (1980 airmail)
*Georges Damas Aleka (1985)
*Christian Anfinsen (1995)
*Louis Armstrong (1972)
*Francis W. Aston (1995)


*Robert Baden-Powell (1996)
*Marco Basalti (1972 airmail)
*Émile Baudot (1993)
*Sidney Bechet (1972)
*Ludwig van Beethoven (1977 airmail)
*Alexander Graham Bell (1976)
*Giovanni Bellini (1975 airmail)
*Maurice Bellonte (1980 airmail)
*Jean Remy Bessieux (1976) (or Jean René?)
*Hans A. Bethe (1995)
*Louis Bleriot (1973)
*Jean-Bédel Bokassa (1974)
*Napoléon Bonaparte (1968 airmail)
*Omar Bongo (1968)
*George Braque (1982 airmail)
*Walter Brattain (1995)
*Carl F. Braun (1995)
*Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza (1980)
*Michael S. Brown (1995)
*Peter Brueghel, the elder (1972 airmail)
*Eduard Buchner (1995)


*Ippolito Caffi (1972 airmail) Canaletto painting wrongly attributed to him
*Giovanni Antonio Canaletto (1972 airmail)
*Paul Cézanne (1989)
*James Chadwick (1995)
*Owen Chamberlain (1995)
*Octave Chanute (1973)
*Claude Chappe (1993)
*Winston Churchill (1965 airmail)
*André Citroën (1978)
*Nat King Cole (1972)
*Christopher Columbus (1992 airmail)
*Charles Conrad, Jr. (1999)
*James Cook (1979 airmail)
*Nicolaus Copernicus (1993)
*Carl F. Cori (1995)
*Gerty T. Cori (1995)
*Pierre de Coubertin (1987)


*David Dacko (1964 airmail)
*Nils Dalen (1995)
*Jacques Louis David (1969 airmail)
*Leonardo da Vinci (1970 airmail)
*Charles Dawes (1995)
*Christopher Dean (1984 airmail)
*Edgar Degas (1974 airmail)
*Charles de Gaulle (1971 airmail)
*Deng Xiaoping (1997)
*Maurice Denis (1975 airmail)
*Diana, Princess of Wales (1998)
*Claude Dornier (1970 airmail)
*Louis Ducis (1969 airmail)
*Albrecht Dürer (1978 airmail)


*Henri Fabre (1973)
*Alexander Fleming (1978)
*Gustave Flaubert (1980 airmail)
*Anthony Fokker (1970 airmail)
*Raoul Follereau (1987)
*Werner Forssmann (1995)
*Kenichi Fukui (1995)


*Yuri Gagarin (1981 airmail)
*Mohandas Gandhi (1969 airmail)
*Errol Garner (1984)
*Paul Gauguin (1978 airmail)
*Valéry Giscard d'Estaing (1976 airmail)
*Paul Gondjout (1997)
*François Marius Granet (1969 airmail)


*Lionel Hampton (1984)
*Armauer G. Hansen (1973)
*William Herschel (1981 airmail)
*Hermann Hesse (1995)
*George de Hevesy (1995)
*Rowland Hill (1979)
*Félix Houphouët-Boigny (1974 airmail)


*Jean Ingres (1980 airmail)


*Eugene Jamot (1979 airmail)
*Jeanne d'Aragon (1970 airmail)
*Juan Ramon Jimenez (1995)
*Saint John the Evangelist (1968 airmail)
*Pope John XXIII (1999)
*Pope John Paul II (1979 airmail)
*Johan Barthold Jongkind (1991 airmail)
*Leon Jouhaux (1995)
*Hugo Junkers (1970 airmail)
*Juste de Gand (1977 airmail)


*Kipchoge Keino (1972 airmail)
*John F. Kennedy (1964 airmail)
*Robert Kennedy (1969 airmail)
*Martin Luther King, Jr. (1969 airmail)
*R.P. Klaine (1981) (botanist, "R. P." appears to refer to "Révérend Père" rather than to given names.)
*Robert Koch (1982)
*Julius Korir (1984 airmail)
*Wladyslaw Koziakiewicz (1980 airmail)
*Karl-Heinz Krüger (1980 airmail)
*Aung San Suu Kyi (1995)


*Lastour (1986 airmail) explorer
*Marcel Lefebvre (1996)
*Abraham Lincoln (1965)
*Charles Lindbergh (1977 airmail)
*Fra Filippo Lippi (1975 airmail)


*Kaarlo Naaminka (1980 airmail)
*Nelson Mandela (1995)
*Edouard Manet (1982 airmail)
*Jacques Marchand (1971 airmail)
*Guglielmo Marconi (1995)
*George Marshall (1996)
*Alphonse Massamba-Débat (1964 airmail)
*Juan Mates (1968 airmail)
*Ange M'ba (1975)
*Léon M'ba (1959)
*Jean Mermoz (1980 airmail)
*Frederic Mistral (1995)
*Claude Monet (1974 airmail)
*Étienne Montgolfier (1973)
*Joseph-Michel Montgolfier (1973)
*Luis de Morales (1968 airmail)
*Daniel Morelon (1972 airmail)
*Rudolf L. Mossbauer (1995)
*H. Moundounga (1996) painter
*John Mugabi (1980 airmail)
*Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1968 airmail)
*Alfred de Musset (1982)


*Marien Ngouabi (1974)
*John H. Nothrop (1995)
*Charles N'Tchoréré (1962)
*Sam Nujoma (1987)
*Suleiman Nyambui (1980 airmail)


*Jacques Offenbach (1980 airmail)


*Charlie Parker (1984)
*Louis Pasteur (1972)
*Pope Paul VI (1967)
*Henri Philippoteaux (1969 airmail)
*Pablo Picasso (1981)
*Pope Pius X (1996)
*Georges Pompidou (1971 airmail)
*Nicolas Poussin (1977 airmail)


*Ramses II of Egypt (1964 air semi-postal)
*Louis Renault (1977)
*Auguste Renoir (1974 airmail)
*Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1996)
*Pilatre de Rozier (1983 airmail)
*Peter Paul Rubens (1977 airmail)
*Martin Ryle (1995)

*Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1994 airmail)
*Alberto Santos-Dumont (1973)
*Raffaello Sanzio (1970 airmail)
*Albert Schweitzer (1960 airmail)
*George Seferis (1995)
*Alan B. Shepard (1981 airmail)
*Igor Sikorsky (1970 airmail)
*Tadeusz Slusarski (1980 airmail)
*Mark Spitz (1972 airmail)
*George Stephenson (1981 airmail)


*Mother Teresa (1998)
*Saint Theresa of Lisieux (1973)
*François (Ngarta) Tombalbaye (1964 airmail)
*Jayne Torvill (1984 airmail)
*Harry S Truman (1996)


*Luigi Vanvitelli (1972 airmail)
*Jules Verne (1970 airmail)
*Victoria of the United Kingdom (1991)
*Konstantin Volkov (1980 airmail)
*Heinrich von Stephan (1981)
*Kazimierz Szczierba (1980 airmail)


*André Raponda Walker (1981)
*Elie Wiesel (1995)
*Georg Wittig (1995)
*Orville Wright (1978 airmail)
*Wilbur Wright (1978 airmail)


*Miruts Yifter (1980 airmail)

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