1821 in literature

The year 1821 in literature involved some significant events.


* In the first known obscenity case in the United States, a Massachusetts court outlawed the John Cleland novel, "Fanny Hill ". The publisher, Peter Holmes, was convicted for printing a "lewd and obscene" novel.
* August 4 - Atkinson & Alexander publish the "Saturday Evening Post" for the first time as a weekly newspaper.

New books

*James Fenimore Cooper - "The Spy"
*Thomas De Quincey - "Confessions of an English Opium Eater"
*Pierce Egan - "Life in London"
*John Galt
**"Annals of the Parish"
**"The Ayrshire Legatees"
*Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - "Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years" ( _ge. Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre)
*I. M. H. Hales - "Talisman, a Tale of Mystery"
*Ann Hatton - "Lovers and Friends"
*C. D. Haynes - "The Spectre of St. Michael's"
*Hannah Maria Jones – "Gretna Green"
*Thomas H. Marshall - "The Irish Necromancer"
*Charles Nodier - "Smarra"
*Thomas Love Peacock - "Maid Marian"
*Anna Maria Porter - "The Village of Mariendorpt"
*Jane Porter - "The Scottish Chiefs"
*Sir Walter Scott - "Kenilworth"

New drama

*Alexandre-Vincent Pineux Duval - "Le Faux Bonhomme"
*Franz Grillparzer - "Das Goldene Vliess"


*Heinrich Heine - "Poems"
*Alessandro Manzoni - "Il Cinque Maggio"


*George Grote - "Statement of the Question of Parliamentary Reform"
*William Hazlitt - "Table Talk"
*James Mill - "Elements of Political Economy"
*John Roberton - "Kalogynomia, or the Laws of Female Beauty"
*Robert Southey - "Life of Cromwell"


* March 19 - Richard Francis Burton (+ 1890)
* April 9 - Charles Baudelaire (+ 1867)
* October 30 - Fyodor Dostoevsky (+ 1881)
*November 28 - Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov (+ 1877)
* December 6 - Dora Greenwell (+ 1882)
* December 12 - Gustave Flaubert (+ 1880)


*January 14 - Jens Zetlitz, Norwegian poet
*February 23 - John Keats, poet
*February 26 - Joseph de Maistre, philosopher
*March 17 - Louis-Marcelin de Fontanes, poet
*May 2 - Hester Thrale, diarist and friend of Dr Johnson
*August 1 - Elizabeth Inchbald, writer



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