Little Brother (disambiguation)

Little Brother may refer to:
* Little Brother Montgomery, a blues pianist
* Little Brother, an alternative hip-hop group from North Carolina, USA
* "Little Brother" (novel) by Allan Baillie, a children's novel about life under the Khmer Rouge
* "Little Brother" (Cory Doctorow novel)
* "Little Brother" (a play on "Big Brother" from the novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four") referring to the erosion of privacy not by government surveillance, but by individuals using the increasing range of technologies available to snoop on each other
* The Little Brothers of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order based on the life and teachings of martyr Charles de Foucauld
* ARP Little Brother, a keyboardless monophonic synthesizer expander module
* Little brother, a male sibling who is younger in age
* Little brother, a boy provided a surrogate "big brother" through an organization such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America or Big Brothers Big Sisters International
* "Little Brother" (short story), by Walter Mosley

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