Egypt national basketball team

Egypt national basketball team

Infobox national basketball team
country = Egypt
coach =
fiba_ranking = 35th
team colours =
joined_fiba = 1934
fiba_zone = FIBA Africa
national_fed = Egypt Basketball Federation
oly_appearances = 7
oly_medals = None
wc_appearances = 5
wc_medals = None
zone_championship = FIBA Africa Championship
zone_appearances = 18
zone_medals = "Gold": 1962, 1970, 1975, 1983
"Silver": 1972, 1981, 1987, 1989, 1993
"Bronze": 1978, 1985, 1999, 2001, 2003
zone_championship2 = EuroBasket
zone_appearances2 = 4
zone_medals2 = "Gold": 1949
"Bronze": 1947
h_pattern_b =
h_body =
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The Egypt national basketball team is the basketball side that represents Egypt in international competitions.

Eurobasket 1937

Since 1937, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) allowed the team to compete in the European championship. This state of affairs continued for decades.

The Egyptians finished last at the second European basketball championship, the Eurobasket 1937 held by FIBA Europe continental federation. They had lost their first two preliminary round games against Estonia and Lithuania before withdrawing from the tournament. Their remaining matches were lost by default, including the final preliminary match, the classification semifinal, and the 7th/8th playoff.

Eurobasket 1947

Egypt was much more successful in their next appearance, Eurobasket 1947. They won all three of their preliminary group matches and their first semifinal group game. Their only loss of the tournament came to eventual gold medallist Soviet Union in the second semifinal group game, before Egypt won their third. Their 2-1 record in the semifinal group placed them second and set up a bronze medal match against Belgium, whom Egypt had defeated in the preliminary round. Egypt won again in a close 50-48 match, winning their first European medal.

Eurobasket 1949

The following championship was both hosted and won by Egypt. In a sparsely contested event with only seven teams, none of which had placed better than third previously (France and Egypt had both done so), the Egyptians had little trouble winning their first five games. By the luck of the draw, Egypt did not face France until the last game of the tournament, so while the standings were based entirely on the seven-team round robin, the two undefeated teams found themselves facing each other in the last game of the tournament. Dominating 36-16 after the first half, the Egyptians added another point to their lead in the second half to win the game 57-36.

Eurobasket 1953

In Moscow, the Egyptian team once again competed. Eurobasket 1953 saw the Egypt squad win their preliminary group easily, scoring more points in the round than anyone save the Soviet Union and Bulgaria, the latter of which had had one more game than Egypt. The final round was less conducive to Egyptian success, however; they defeated only Italy on their way to a 1-6 record. Their six losses included a forfeit to Israel, whom Egypt refused to play. The squad took 8th place of the 8 teams in the final round and 17 overall.

= Olympic Games record =

* 1936: 21st
* 1948: 19th
* 1952: 12th
* 1972: 16th
* 1976: 12th
* 1984: 12th
* 1988: 12th

FIBA World Championship record

* 1950 FIBA World Championship: 5th
* 1959 FIBA World Championship: 11th
* 1970 FIBA World Championship: 13th
* 1990 FIBA World Championship: 16th
* 1994 FIBA World Championship: 14th

FIBA Africa Championships

The first championship was held in Egypt in 1962. Egypt squad record
*Winner (Gold medal) in 1962, 1970, 1975 and 1983 all held in Egypt
*Runner up (Silver medal) 1964 in Morocco , 1972 in Senegal, 1981 in Somalia , 1987 in Tunisia 1989 in Angola ,and 1993 in Kenya
*3rd place (Bronze medal) in 1978 in Senegal , 1985 in Ivory coast, 1992 in Egypt, 1999 in Angola , 2001 in Morocco and 2003 in Egypt.Some of the prominent players are Medhat warda , Ahmed Ismail, Alan Atallah , Salawaa, Ahmed Abuelfetouh .

Olympic Games

Egypt national basketball team took part in the Olympic games in 1984 in Los Angeles and 1988 in Seoul and in both came in the 12th place.

Mediterranean Games

* 2005 Almería: 5th place


1936 Olympic Games: finished 21st among 21 teams

Abdel Moneim Wahby, Albert Tadros, Rashad Shafshak, Riad Nosseir, Wahib Hussein, G.el-Din Sabri, E.Riskalla, K.Riad

1937 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 8 teams

1947 EuroBasket: finished 3rd among 14 teams

Albert Tadros, Gabriel "Gaby" Catafago, Youssef Abbas, Fouad Abdelmeguid el-Kheir, Abdelrahman Ismail, Hussein Montasser, Wahid Saleh, Zaki Harari, Hassan Moawad, Zaki Yehia, Guido Acher, Maurice Calife

1948 Olympic Games: finished 19th among 23 teams

Albert Tadros, Gabriel "Gaby" Catafago, Fouad Abdelmeguid el-Kheir, Youssef Abbas, Abdelrahman Ismail, Hussein Montasser, Youssef Abouaouf, Medhat Youssef, Mohammed Soliman, Nessim Salah el-Dine, Robert Makzoume, Hassan Moawad, Mohammed Habib, Mahmoud Leissy

1949 EuroBasket: finished 1st among 7 teams

Gabriel "Gaby" Catafago, Albert Tadros, Youssef Abouaouf, Fouad Abdelmeguid el-Kheir, Abdelrahman Ismail, Hussein Montasser, Nessim Salah el-Dine, Wahid Saleh, Medhat Youssef, Mohammed Soliman, Youssef Abbas, Mohammed Ali el-Rashidi (Coach: Carmine "Nello" Paratore)

1950 World Championship: finished 5th among 10 teams

Gabriel "Gaby" Catafago, Albert Tadros, Fouad Abdelmeguid el-Kheir, Youssef Abbas, Youssef Abouaouf, Abdelrahman Ismail, Wahid Saleh, Hussein Montasser, Mohammed Soliman, Medhat Youssef, Mohammed Ali el-Rashidi, Mahmud Bahgat (Coach: Carmine "Nello" Paratore)

1952 Olympic Games: finished 12th among 23 teams

Gabriel "Gaby" Catafago, Albert Tadros, Abdelrahman Ismail, George Jean Chalhoub, Youssef Abouaouf, Fouad Abdelmeguid el-Kheir, Hussein Montasser, Medhat Youssef, Zaki Harari, Youssef Abbas, Mohammed Ali el-Rashidi, Mahmud Bahgat, Raymond Fehmi Saboungi, Sami Mansour

1953 EuroBasket: finished 8th among 17 teams

Gabriel "Gaby" Catafago, George Jean Chalhoub, Abdelrahman Ismail, Raymond Fehmi Saboungi, Youssef Abouaouf, Youssef Abbas, Ahmed Rashad, Hussein Montasser, Magdi Rizkallah, Ibrahim Zouzi Selim, Mahmud Bahgat, Medhat Youssef, Sami Mansour, Taha el-Barnawi (Coach: Habib Mohamed)

As United Arab Republic

1959 World Championship: finished 11th among 13 teams

George Jean Chalhoub, Raymond Fehmi Saboungi, Joseph Zacar, Fouad Hadidi, Hanafi Abutaleb, Antoine Musillia, Ahmed Sadek, Nabil Abdo, Sami Chilbaya, Adel Sabri, Hilmi Ibrahim, Eli Aramen (Coach: J.Filkud)

1970 World Championship: finished 13th among 13 teams

Mahmud Zaki, Cherif Kheir, Mohamed Gomaa, Adel Sharaf, Adel Abdel Fatah, Taha el-Chanab, Ismail Mohamed Aly Selim, Taher el-Badawi, El-Sayed Mubarak, Mohamed Kemal, Ahmed Abdelhamid el-Saharti, Mustafa el-Sayed (Coach: Mahmud Abdul Kheir)

As Egypt

1972 Olympic Games: finished 16th among 16 teams

Awad Abdelnabi, Ahmed Aboulkheir, Mohamed Khaled, Ismail Mohamed Aly Selim, Mohamed Kemal, El-Sayed Tewfik, Mohamed Talaat, Ismail Adel Ibrahim, Fathi Kamel, Ahmed Abdelhamid el-Saharti, Ahmed Mubarak Abdelhamid (Coach: Carmine "Nello" Paratore)

1976 Olympic Games: finished 12th among 12 teams

Awad Abdelnabi, Mohamed Essam Khaled, Ismail Mohamed Aly Selim, Mohamed Khaled el-Said, Fathi Kamel, Medhat Warda, Osman Farid, Mohamed Hanafi el-Gohari, Hamdi el-Seoudi, Ahmed Abdelhamid el-Saharti, Sayed Aboul Dahab, Mohamed Osman (Coach: Ahmed Fouad Aboulkheir)

1984 Olympic Games: finished 12th among 12 teams

Alain-Pierre Attallah, Medhat Warda, Mohamed Essam Khaled, Tarek el-Sabbagh, Ahmed Marei, Essameldin Aboulenein, Abdelkader Rabieh, Amin Shouman, Abdelhadi Ahmed el-Gazzar, Mohamed Sayed Soliman, Amir Abdelmaguid, Khaled Bekhit (Coach: Ahmed Fouad Aboulkheir)

1988 Olympic Games: finished 12th among 12 teams

Alain-Pierre Attallah, Ahmed Soliman, Hani Moussa, Amir Abou el-Kheir, El-Sayed Mohamed, Alaa el-Din Abdoun, Ashraf Mahmoud, Mohamed Ismail, Hesham Khalil, Mohamed el-Shakeri, Ashraf Mohamed el-Kordy, Emad el-Kin el-Sayed

1990 World Championship: finished 16th among 16 teams

Alain-Pierre Attallah, Mohamed Soliman, Sherif Nabil el-Sanadily, Fathi Abdel-Aziz, Mahmoud Abdel-Latif, Ashraf Mahmoud, Emad Mahmoud Aly, Hesham Shaban, Ashraf Mohamed el-Kordy, Ahmed Abou el-Fetouh, Mohamed Abdel Moteleb, Amir Abou el-Kheir (Coach: Cal Luther)

1994 World Championship: finished 14th among 16 teams

Samir Gouda, Sherif Nabil el-Sanadily, Yasser Abdel-Wahab, Hani Moussa, Ashraf Mohamed el-Kordy, Fathi Abdel-Aziz, Hesham Abou Serai, Tarek Abou Zaid, Emad Mahmoud Aly, Mohamed Abdel Moteleb, Ahmed Abou el-Fetouh, Hossam el-Wekil (Coach: Robert Taylor)

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