Aerial dance

Aerial modern dance is a sub-genre of modern dance first recognized in the United States in the 1970s. The choreography incorporates an apparatus often attached to the ceiling, allowing performers to explore space in three-dimensions. The ability to incorporate vertical, as well as horizontal movement paths, allows for innovations in choreography and movement vocabulary.

Aerial modern pieces, whether solo or ensemble, often involve of partnering. The apparatus used has its own motion, which changes the way a dancer must move in response. The introduction of a new element changes the dancer’s balance, center, and orientation in space. Aerial modern dancers gather annually at the "Aerial Dance Festival" in Boulder, Colorado since its inception in July 1999. Here, workshops, performances, and discussions bring together dancers, gymnasts, circus artists, and other aerial enthusiasts to showcase their own works and learn about new developments in technique and technology.

An early influence on aerial modern dance, Terry Sendgraff, is credit with inventing the "motivity" trapeze.Fact|date=May 2007 Terry Sendgraff actively performed, choreographed and taught in the San Francisco Bay Area from the early '70s until announcing her retirement in 2005, at the age of 70. The motivity trapeze came about as a result of an exploration on a low-hung circus trapeze. The ropes twisted together, causing the apparatus to spin. By formalizing this, hooking both ropes to a single point of attachment, Ms. Sendgraff used the apparatus to spin, twist, as well as fly in a straight line and in a circle.

Another example of aerial modern dance is the site-specific works of Joanna Haigood of the Zaccho Dance Theatre, and Amelia Rudolph of "Project Bandaloop". Haigood’s work is based on careful research of the history, architecture and societal impact of found spaces, and the translation of these memories into the movements performed in that spaceFact|date=May 2007. Project Bandaloop combines rock-climbing with dance in performances that scale and/or descend canyons, rock walls, and tall buildings across the world. Video of their outdoor work is sometimes integrated into indoor performances, projected onto screens or trampolines behind the dancers on stage.


Aerial modern dance companies include Orts Dance Theatre (Tucson, AZ); AXIS Dance Company (Oakland, CA); Frequent Flyers Productions [ [ Frequent Flyers Productions] ] (Boulder, CO); Flyaway Productions (San Francisco, CA), GROUNDED Aerial Dance Theater (New York, NY), [ [ Grounded Aerial :: Home ] ] Mir & A Company (Santa Cruz, CA); The Cabiri performance troupe [ [ The Cabiri performance troupe] ] (Seattle, WA); [ [ AeroTerra Aerial Dance] ] (Wellington, NZ).


[ Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre]


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