Princess Francisca of Brazil

Princess Francisca of Brazil

Francisca Carolina of Bragança (pron. IPA2|fɾɐ̃'siʃkɐ kɐɾu'linɐ; "Francisca Carolina Joana Carlota Leopoldina Romana Xavier de Paula Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Gonzaga de Bragança"; Rio de Janeiro, August 2 1824 - Paris, March 27 1898), a Brazilian princess and Portuguese infanta, was a daughter of Peter I of Brazil and IV of Portugal and his first wife Maria Leopoldina, Archduchess of Austria.

Francisca married François d'Orléans, prince de Joinville, the third son of Louis-Philippe of France, in 1843.

Their only daughter Marie-Francoise d'Orléans married her first cousin Robert, Duke of Chartres and became the mother of the Orléanist pretender Jean, Duke of Guise. It is unknown whether her son Pierre ever married, even though he lived in his seventies.


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1= 1. Princess Francisca of Brazil
2= 2. Pedro I of Brazil
3= 3. Maria Leopoldina of Austria
4= 4. John VI of Portugal
5= 5. Charlotte of Spain
6= 6. Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor
7= 7. Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies
8= 8. Peter III of Portugal
9= 9. Maria I of Portugal
10= 10. Charles IV of Spain
11= 11. Maria Luisa of Parma
12= 12. Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
13= 13. Maria Louisa of Spain
14= 14. Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
15= 15. Marie Caroline of Austria
16= 16. John V of Portugal
17= 17. Mary Anne of Austria
18= 18. Joseph I of Portugal
19= 19. Mariana Victoria of Spain
20= 20. Charles III of Spain
21= 21. Maria Amalia of Saxony
22= 22. Philip, Duke of Parma
23= 23. Princess Louise-Élisabeth of France
24= 24. Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
25= 25. Maria Theresa of Austria
26= 26. Charles III of Spain (= 20)
27= 27. Maria Amalia of Saxony (= 21)
28= 28. Charles III of Spain (= 20)
29= 29. Maria Amalia of Saxony (= 21)
30= 30. Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (= 24)
31= 31. Maria Theresa of Austria (= 25)

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