Uinen is Ossë's wife in the Middle-earth mythos of J. R. R. Tolkien. She is a Maia spirit known as "The Lady of the Sea". It is possible that the name is based on yet another loan from the Finnish language, from the verb "uida", to swim. ("Uinen" is actually the first person potential mode of that verb and can be translated as "I might swim").

Her hair lies spread throughout all waters, and her love is given to the creatures that live in salt streams and also the weeds that grow there. The mariners of Númenor would cry to her for help, because she was capable of calming Ossë, and they lived under her protection while their respect for the Valar endured. The Teleri had much love for Uinen, as she and Ossë had befriended them at the river Sirion. Uinen wept for the Teleri mariners after the kinslaying at Alqualondë. Uinen is also notable for convincing her husband to seek the forgiveness of the Valar after temporarily siding with Morgoth in their cosmic struggle.

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