List of Chilean Jews

Jewish immigration to Latin America began with seven sailors arriving in Christopher Columbus's crew. Since then, the Jewish population of Latin America has risen to more than 500,000 — more than half of whom live in Argentina, with large communities also present in Brazil and Mexico.

Chilean Jews

An estimated 20 to 40,000 Chilean Jews live in the country, the majority live in Santiago and are predominantly found in higher-paying professions and all walks of public life. The Chilean Jewish population decreased in the political turmoil of the 1970s and 1980's, but their identity as Jews in Chile remains. Here is a list of some prominent Chilean Jews.
* Marjorie Agosín, human rights activist, professor, and writer [ [ VG: Artist Biography: Agosin, Majorie ] ]
* Shai Agosin, TV producer and presenter ["La palabra israelita", [ Entrevista] , a letter by Enrique Vainroj, August 24, 2007.]
* Mordo Alvo, physician and member of the prestigious scientific academy "Instituto de Chile" [ Instituto de Chile ] ]
* Shlomit Baytelman, actress [] page 48: "Chile's best-known actors are Jewish, including Shlomit Baytelman, Alejandro Cohen, Anita Klesky, Jael Unger, and Mario Kreutzberger"]
* Alberto Belán, golf player []
* José Berdichewsky, Pinochet's Ambassador in Israel [ The Jewish Experience under Military Dictators in Chile and Argentina during 1970s and 1980s ] ]
* Solange Berstein, Superintendent of Private Pension AdministratorsFact|date=March 2008
* Eduardo Bitrán, former Minister of Public Works ["La palabra israelita", " [ Ministro Eduardo Bitrán en el Mercaz] ", September 29, 2006.]
* Claudio Bunster, scientist (Jewish mother) [ [] ]
* Cristopher Carpentier, chef (converted to Judaism) [ [{4723275C-5922-4844-B556-914F39F8C764}] Interview in Spanish ]
* Fernando Cassorla, physician and member of the prestigious scientific academy "Instituto de Chile"
* Jacques Chonchol, Minister of Agriculture in the Allende government [ The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Chile ] ]
* Alejandro Cohen, actor
* Gregory Cohen, engineer, playwright, actorFact|date=January 2007
* Oro Colodro, TV BroadcasterFact|date=January 2007
* Ariel Dorfman, playwright, novelist, human rights activist [ [ Dorfman Limns a Tangle of Ethics in 'Picasso' ] ]
* Roberto Dueñas, famous' manager [ [] Article in Spanish ]
* Agustín Edwards, businessman (crypto-Jew)Facts|date=November 2007
* Julián Elfenbein, journalist, television host [] Article in Spanish ]
* Daniel Emilfork, actor [ [ Daniel Emilfork obituary - Times Online ] ]
* David Ergas, football playerFact|date=January 2007
* Efrain Friedman, director of Chilean Atomic Research Committee
* Benjamín Galemiri, playwright [ [ Untitled Document ] ]
* Pedro Bar-Cohen Gómez, AnthropologistFact|date=April 2008
* Carla Guelfenbein, writerFact|date=January 2007
* Rodrigo Guendelman, journalist
* Pablo Halpern, expert in communicationsFact|date=January 2007
* Clarisa Hardy psychologist; current (2006-) Minister of Planning [,7340,L-3233194,00.html Most Jewish gov’t outside Israel – in Chile - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews ] ]
* Tomás Hirsch, politician, businessman [ [] ]
* Jeremías Israel, motoracing driver (Jewish father) [ [] Article in Spanish ]
* Mauricio Israel, television host
* Ricardo Israel, political scientistFact|date=January 2007
* Alejandro Jodorowsky, film director (Chilean-born) [ [ Alejandro Jodorowsky ] ]
* Alberto Van Klaveren, current (2006-) Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations
* José Klein, former owner of Minera Santa Barbara [ La Ultima Gran Operacion De La Dina: ] ]
* Anita Klesky, actress
* Marcelo Kormis, rabbi [ Monthly Report ] ]
* Mario Kreutzberger, better known as Don Francisco, TV host
* Vivi Kreutzberger, television host
* Blanca Lewin,actressFact|date=July 2008
* Marcos Libedinsky, former president of the Supreme Court of Justice [ [ ] ]
* Alejandro Lipschuetz, anthropologist and endocrinologist
* Pablo Lugt, rabbi
* Nicolás Massú, tennis player (Jewish mother) [ [ Nicolas Massu ] ]
* Sergio Melnick, economist, Minister of ODEPLAN under Pinochet [ [ The Jewish Experience under Military Dictators in Chile and Argentina during 1970s and 1980s ] ]
* Lily Pérez, politician [ [ Manifestaciones, marchas y caminatas de solidaridad con el Estado de Israel] ]
* Daniel Platovsky, businessman, politician, and eldest son of Milan Platovsky (Jewish father)]
* Milan Platovsky, businessman who wrote a best-selling autobiography
* Andy Pollack, jazz musician
* Karen Poniachik, journalist; former Minister of Mining and Energy
* Sarika Rodrik, fashion designer [ [,0,38039818_90162759_94997178,00.html La Tercera ::: Mujer ] ]
* Efraim Rosenzweig, rabbi
* Sebastián Rozental, football player [ [ The Jewish Chronicle ] ]
* Paulina Saball, Undersecretary of Housing and UrbanismFact|date=March 2008
* Daniel Schidlow, Chief of Pediatrics, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. (Chilean born) []
* Romy Schmidt, MInister of Public GoodsFact|date=March 2008
* Miguel Schweitzer Speisky, Pinochet's Minister of Justice [] ]
* Miguel Schweitzer Walters, Pinochet's Minister of External Affairs and ambassador to the UK
* Nissim Sharim, actor
* Jorge Schaulsohn, politician [ [ Detalle noticia ] ]
* Gabriel Silber, deputy []
* Claudio Spiniak, businessman. In jail since 2004 for being a practitioner of pedophilia and coprophagia [] [ [,0,38039290_101111578_225695273,00.html Revista QuéPasa ] ]
* Jacob Stoulman Bortnik, businessman, kidnapped by DINA during the Operacion Condor plan in Argentina
* Shmuel Szteinhendler, rabbi (Regional Director Masorti Latin America)
* Víctor Tevah, fiddler
* Marcelo Tokman, Minister of EnergyFact|date=March 2008
* Jael Unger, actress
* Julián Vainstein, rabbi
* José Weinstein, Minister of Culture under Ricardo Lagos [ [,0,38039290_101111578_121846134,00.html Revista QuéPasa ] ]
* Jaime Wisnaik, director of department of engineering at the Catholic University of Santiago
* Daniel Zang, rabbi


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