1860 in literature

The year 1860 in literature involved some significant new books.


*January - First issue of the "Cornhill Magazine"
*June 9 - "" becomes the first dime novel to be published.
*Fyodor Dostoevsky returns to St Petersburg.
*Mary Elizabeth Braddon meets her future husband John Maxwell.
*Alexander Bain is appointed to the chair of logic and English literature at the University of Aberdeen.
*The "Univers religieux" is suppressed by the French government.
*Samuel Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley debate the theories of Charles Darwin at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
*The first "Vanity Fair" magazine is published in the USA.

New books

*R M Ballantyne -"The Dog Crusoe"
*Wilkie Collins - "The Woman in White"
*George Eliot - "The Mill on the Floss"
*Edmond & Jules de Goncourt - "Charles Demailly"
*Nathaniel Hawthorne - "The Marble Faun"
*Mor Jokai - "Poor Rich"
*George Meredith - "Evan Harrington"
*Multatuli - "Max Havelaar"
*R. M. Potter - "The Fall of the Alamo"
*Charles Reade - "The Cloister and the Hearth"
*Charlotte Mary Yonge
**"Hopes and Fears"


*Dion Boucicault - "The Colleen Bawn"


*Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - "Paul Revere's Ride"


*Eugène Crepet - "Poètes francais; Les Paradis artificiels: opium et haschisch"
*Ralph Waldo Emerson - "The Conduct of Life"
*"Gray's Anatomy", 2nd edition
*John Ruskin - "Modern Painters IV"


*January 10 - Charles G.D. Roberts, poet (+ 1943)
* January 29 - Anton Chekhov (+ 1904)
* February 11 - Rachilde (Marguerite Vallette-Eymery), French author (+ 1953)
* May 9 - J. M. Barrie, novelist and dramatist (+ 1937)
*June 6 - William Ralph Inge, theologian
*July 3 - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, novelist and short story writer (+ 1935)
* September 13 - Ralph Connor, Canadian novelist (+ 1937)
* September 14 - Hamlin Garland (+ 1940)
* October 23 - Molly Elliot Seawell (+ 1916)
*December 11 - Leonard Huxley, writer and editor, father of Aldous Huxley
*"date unknown" - Harriet Theresa Comstock, children's author


*January 29 - Ernst Moritz Arndt, poet
*February 9 - William Evans Burton, dramatist
*February 25 - Chauncey Allen Goodrich, lexicographer
*May 9 - Samuel Griswold Goodrich, children's author (Peter Parley)
*May 16 - Annabella Byron, 11th Baroness Wentworth, wife of Lord Byron
*May 23 - Albert Richard Smith, journalist and humorist
*August 25
**Christian Lobeck, classical scholar
**Johan Ludvig Heiberg, poet
*September 21 - Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher
*December 2 - Ferdinand Christian Baur, theologian



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