Huang Wenbing

Huang Wenbing (黄文炳) was an official in the Chinese novel "Water Margin" who almost caused Song Jiang to be executed. During his exile period in Jiangzhou, Song Jiang wrote a poem on the wall of a restaurant criticizing the Imperial Court in a drunken stupor. Huang Wenbing read the poem by chance and reported it to Cai Jiu, the Governor of Jiangzhou.

Cai had Song Jiang arrested and thrown into prison. Huang used torture to force Song Jiang to confess everything as Song had feigned madness as suggested by Dai Zong. Cai Jiu found Song Jiang guilty of plotting to overthrow the government and ordered his execution. Wu Yong had Xiao Rang and Jin Da-jian forge a letter by Cai Jing, Cai Jiu's father, to release Song Jiang. Huang found out the forgery as the seal in the letter had a mistake. Cai Jiu was furious and had Dai Zong arrested as well and both Song and Dai were to be executed. The Liangshan heroes stormed the execution ground and rescued both of them. Later, Huang Wenbing was caught by Zhang Shun while escaping from the Liangshan heroes who sought revenge on him. In the end, Huang was stabbed to death by Li Kui.

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