1887 in literature

1887 in literature

The year 1887 in literature involved some significant new books.


*Futabatei Shimei writes "Drifting Clouds", the first modern novel in Japan.

New books

*Mary Elizabeth Braddon - "Cut by the County"
*Hall Caine - "The Deemster"
*Marie Corelli - "Thelma"
*Arthur Conan Doyle - "A Study in Scarlet"
*H. Rider Haggard
**"Allan Quatermain"
*Thomas Hardy - "The Woodlanders"
*Joris-Karl Huysmans - "Un dilemme, En Rade"
*Paolo Mantegazza - "Testa"
*Futabatei Shimei - "Drifting Clouds"
*Jules Verne
**"North Against South"
**"The Flight to France"
*Emile Zola - "La Terre"


*Hall Caine - "Life of Samuel Coleridge Taylor"


* February 1 - Charles Nordhoff, author (+ 1947)
* February 3 - Georg Trakl, poet (+ 1914)
* February 11 - John van Melle, South African writer
* February 18 - Nikos Kazantzakis, poet (+ 1957)
* March 3 - Rupert Brooke, poet
* March 14 - Sylvia Beach, publisher
* June 2 - Orrick Johns, poet & playwright
* September 1 - Blaise Cendrars, writer (+ 1961)


*February 10 - Mrs Henry Wood, novelist
*April 23 - John Ceiriog Hughes, poet
*May 4 - William Murdoch, poet
*August 20 - Jules Laforgue, French poet (b. 1860)
*October 12 - Dinah Craik, novelist and poet
*November 2 - Alfred Domett, poet
*November 19 - Emma Lazarus, American poet (b. 1859)
*December 5 - Eliza Roxcy Snow, American poet (b. 1804)
*"date unknown"
**Frances Browne, poet and novelist
**Emilia Tennyson, sister of Alfred Tennyson and fiancée of Arthur Hallam



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