Turgenevskaya ( _ru. Тургеневская) is a station on the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line of the Moscow Metro. It is named for Ivan S. Turgenev. The station was designed by Ivan Taranov, Yu.V. Vdovin, and I.G. Petukhova and opened on December 31, 1971. Turgenevskaya has simple white marble pylons which follow the curve of the station tube and a ceiling composed of reinforced plastic panels. Metal cornices run the length of the station along the base of the ceiling. The walls, which are faced with white and black marble, are decorated with chased brass panels by Kh.M. Rysin and D.Ya. Bodniek.

The entrances to the station are located on Turgenevskaya Square.


From this station, passengers can transfer to Chistiye Prudy on the Sokolnicheskaya Line and Sretenskiy Bulvar on the Lyublinskaya Line.

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* [http://www.metro.ru/stations/kaluzhsko-rizhskaya/turgenevskaya/ metro.ru]
* [http://www.mymetro.ru/cgi-bin/list.pl?lng=ru&a=1&b=6&c=15 mymetro.ru]
* [http://www.kartametro.info/?hl=EN&ms=Turgenevskaya&z=17&t=k KartaMetro.info] — Station location and exits on Moscow map (English/Russian)

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