Ri Myung Hun

Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 리명훈
McCune–Reischauer Ri Myŏnghun
Revised Romanization Ri Myeong-hun

Ri Myung Hun (born September 14, 1967) was a center with the national basketball team of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. He was also known as Michael Ri, after his favorite basketball player, Michael Jordan.[1] Once declared the tallest living human being in the world,[2] he stands 7'8.5" (2.35m) tall and planned to play in the NBA in the 1990s.[1] According to the Associated Press, he was "the world's tallest basketball player."[3]

In anticipation of joining the NBA, Ri worked out in Canada, where he was scouted by numerous teams. But he was unable to play in the league because of the U.S. ban on trade with North Korea, which is set forth in a piece of legislation called the Trading With the Enemy Act.[1] The US State Department permitted Ri to compete in the country in 2000, on the main condition that none of Ri's salary could be repatriated to North Korea. North Korean officials responded by refusing to let Ri leave.[1] Ri was permitted to conduct an interview with CNN's Mike Chinoy in which he was quoted as saying, "I'm a big man. I want to test my ability. I am not interested in money or politics. As a sportsman, I just want to try."[2] Eventually, Ri said he was content to remain playing basketball in the "bosom" of North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-il.[1] In a game between mixed teams of players from North Korea and South Korea, Ri scored 26 points in 21 minutes, though his "dankyol" (solidarity) side lost 141–138.[3]

Preceded by
Alam Channa?
Tallest Recognized Person
Succeeded by
Radhouane Charbib


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