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:Sango's knowledge of various poisons (particularly ones that affect only yōkai) is extensive, and she employs a few different kinds throughout the series. She wears a custom-fit gas mask to protect herself from some of the more potent ones.; Numbing Potions : Used as an alternative for Hiraikotsu whenever Sango attempts to ensnare Yokai without killing them. She usually bakes these and prepares them disguised as baked goods (usually buns or donuts) placed on top of a small box for the yokai to eat. ; Dagger gauntlet :Hidden in the sleeve of her kimono is a retractable dagger. The first time she uses it is when she fights Naraku at his castle. In one episode she used it to free herself when she was tied up by villagers. Another time she used it against Miroku while she was possessed by a demon egg. Her wrist blade is mostly used as a last resort.; Wakizashi : A weapon that she sometimes uses in close combat or if she loses Hiraikotsu, but she prefers her main weapon. Many believe that this weapon is a katana but a katana would be too long to hold. It is actually the wakizashi, a shorter, one handed sword.;Chain: Uses the chain as a whip and to constrict foes. -


;InuYasha :InuYasha doesn't really trust Sango at first, but quickly comes to realize her value as both a fighter and a friend. He worries about her and protects her, but in most situations Sango can generally take care of herself. Sango and he are commonly found saving one another from peril. Sango has stated that she doesn't have a preference for which form InuYasha is in and will stand by him no matter what.;Kirara :Sango's "pet", who looks like a small two-tailed cat and can transform to a huge flying fire cat. Kirara is a nekomata demon. Kirara is fiercely loyal to Sango. It is hinted in the anime that Kirara was once the companion of Midoriko, creator of the Shikon Jewel, which could mean that Kirara has lived for some hundred years.;Kagome : In and out of battles, they also share feelings about love interests and other important topics, such as the whereabouts of the Shikon Jewel Shards. In a word, Sango and Kagome are like foster sisters, with Sango being the older one and Kagome the younger. This means that Sango will always protect and help Kagome in any way she can. Occasionally, they also share advices upon how to deal with Miroku and his lecherous activities.;Shippo :One of her good friends and traveling companions, Sango can really relate to Shippo and treat him like a younger brother, but he is much closer to Kagome.;Miroku :When addressing Miroku, Sango generally refers to him with the respectful term houshi-sama ("houshi" means Buddhist priest, and "-sama" is a respectful honorific), despite his thieving and lechery. Miroku, for his part, frequently gropes Sango when the opportunity arises, though she usually slaps or punches him for it. Sango also strikes him when he makes advances to other women as he frequently does. She does this because she loves him and she is jealous. As the series progresses, Miroku is seen to return these feelings and eventually asks her to marry him once their ordeal with Naraku is over. Sango tearfully accepts.:Sango and Miroku make an excellent pair in battle, and whenever the group splits up it is usually split between InuYasha-Kagome and Sango-Miroku. Curiously enough, with all his groping and innuendo, Miroku does not ask Sango to bear his child (as he does with every woman he meets) until she demonstrates jealousy over his asking other women and finally brings the subject to his attention. Surprised, Miroku naturally asked the question, and Sango rejected him.:Sango accepts Miroku's marriage proposal in Episode 132 of the anime series. Miroku saves Sango from a demonic egg which had possessed her and caused her to repeatedly attack him. Feeling guilty over his actions (his negligence led to her possession, and he had to punch her stomach to save her) Miroku gets Sango alone with him and asks her forgiveness. She replies that it was not his fault since she let her guard down. Mustering his courage, Miroku then lets his heart out to Sango and tells her that she is the only woman he has ever loved. He then promptly proposes marriage to her (also asking her to have at least ten to twenty children with him), and she tearfully accepts. However, she follows up her "Yes" with the request that he stop flirting with other women. He fails to answer, and receives a dirty look from her.:However, Sango is not always the only one to get jealous, as shown in the episode "Only You, Sango". In the episode, a handsome and wealthy lord named Kuranosuke claims to be in love with Sango and asks her to marry him, claiming that they have met before years ago when she performed an extermination. Throughout the episode, Miroku behaves in a stoic and quiet manner much to Kagome's despair, since she wants Miroku to declare his love to her openly now that he has a direct rival. He explains to Kagome that after all Sango has been through, he wants her to have a good life, and Kuranosuke can give it to her. When Miroku and Sango are finally alone, he tells her that he wants her to be happy.:Eventually, at the end of the episode, Sango tells Kuranosuke that she must find her brother and declines his marriage offer; he accepts this and parts ways with Sango amiably. As the group leave, Sango is given an umbrella by Kagome and lets Miroku guard himself from the rain with her, though as usual Miroku can't hold himself back and gropes Sango, who hits him as usual but when the frame returns to her face she is smiling.:The final chapter of the manga reveals that following the destruction of the Shikon no Tama, she married Miroku and they have three children: twin daughters and a newborn son.

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