company_name = Funcom Productions A/S
company_type = Public
foundation = 1993
location_city = Oslo, Norway
key_people = Gaute Godager, Co-founder
Trond Arne Aas, CEO
num_employees = 322
products = "The Longest Journey"
"Anarchy Online"
revenue = USD 13.010 million (Q2 2008)
operating_income = loss USD 7.191 million (Q2 2008)
net_income = USD 5.819 million (Q2 2008)
industry = Computer and video game industry
homepage = []

Funcom Productions A/S (ose|FUNCOM) is a Norwegian game developer, specializing in online games, and is best known for its MMOs "Age of Conan" and Anarchy Online. Besides its Oslo, Norway, headquarters, Funcom has offices in USA, China, and Switzerland.


Founded in 1993. In December 2005, Funcom was the first Norwegian game developer to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Well-known games

"The Longest Journey" was produced by Ragnar Tørnquist and was very well received both by critics and users. The game was published in 8 languages: English, Norwegian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian and Spanish. The game was also released in other countries, but mainly in English-speaking ones.

"Anarchy Online" is a critically acclaimed online game, more specifically a MMORPG, with 20 international awards. Funcom issued several expansions; The Notum Wars, Alien Invasion, Shadowlands and Lost Eden. Founder Gaute Godager was the first Game Director, before Marius Enge released Alien Invasion and took over at the release of Shadowlands. However, shortly after the release of Alien Invasion, Morten Byom took over. Later, near the release of the Lost Eden expansion, Byom moved on to the Age of Conan team, and was succeeded as Game Director by Craig Morrison, also known as "Silirrion". Following the game, a book has been written about the pre-history about the planet and also a CD with music from the game has been released.

In the spring of 2006, the company released the sequel to "The Longest Journey" for the Xbox and PC, entitled "Dreamfall".

Funcom released the Age of Conan MMO on May 20th.

The development of their next MMO (called The Secret World) was announced on November 5, 2007.

List of games

* "The Secret World" — MMORPG (PC & Xbox 360), [ [ Funcom Latest MMORPG announced for PC and Xbox 360] ] previously known as "The World Online". [ [ The Secret World is secret no more] ]
* "Dreamfall Chapters" — (PC & Xbox 360 (?))cite web|url=|title=Funcom awarded grant from Norwegian Film Fund|accessdate=2007-03-01|publisher=Funcom|date=2007-03-01]
* "" — MMORPG (PC & Xbox 360 - 2008)
* "Dreamfall" — Adventure (PC & Xbox - 2006)
* "Midgard" — MMORPG (PC - cancelled)
* "No Escape" — Shooter (PC - 2000)
* "The Longest Journey" — Adventure (PC - 2000)
* "Anarchy Online" — MMORPG (PC - 2001)
* "Speed Freaks" also known as "Speed Punks" — Racing (PlayStation)
* "Casper" — Puzzle Adventure (Sega Saturn)
* "CMX" — Racing (PlayStation)
* "Winter Gold" — Sports (Super Nintendo)
* "Steel Rebellion" — Strategy (PC - cancelled)
* "Daze Before Christmas" — Action (Genesis/SNES)
* "Samurai Shodown" — Fighting (Sega CD)
* "NBA Hangtime" — Sports (Genesis)
* "Fatal Fury Special" — Fighting (Sega CD)
* "Nightmare Circus" — Action (Genesis)
* "Disney's Pocahontas" — Adventure (Genesis)
* "A Dinosaur's Tale" — Adventure (Genesis)


External links

* [ Funcom Official site]
* [ Funcom share information] at the Oslo Stock Exchange

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