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A signature is a hand-written, stylized version of someone's name.Signature may also mean:__NOTOC__

In computers

*Signature block, text automatically appended at the bottom of an e-mail message, Usenet article, or forum post.
*Method signature, in computer programming, especially object-oriented programming, how a method is commonly identified.
*Type signature, defines the inputs and outputs for a function or method.

In cryptography

*Blind signature, digital signature in which the content of a message is disguised
*Digital signature (or public-key digital signature), a method for authenticating information
*Digital Signature Algorithm, a United States Federal Government standard
*Electronic signature, a signature imputed to a text via one or more of several electronic means, or cryptographic means to add non-repudiation and message integrity features to a document
*ElGamal signature scheme, based on the difficulty of computing discrete logarithms
*Key signature (cryptography), the result of applying a hash function on a key
*XML Signature, a W3C recommendation that defines an XML syntax

In music

*Key signature, a series of sharp or flat symbols placed on the staff, designating notes that are to be played one semitone higher or lower
*Signature (Moya Brennan album), album by Irish musician Moya Brennan
*Signature (news music), a news music and station image package composed by Stephen Arnold
*Signature song, the one song that a popular and well-established artist is identified with
*Time signature, a notational device used to specify how many beats are in each bar and which note value constitutes one beat

In science

*Isotopic signature, a characteristic set of ratios of stable or unstable isotopes
*Signature change, in relativity
*Signature (mathematics) (another disambiguation page)
*Signature (physics), refers to the form of a metric tensor. The sign of the diagonal components constitutes its "signature"
*Spectral signature, the specific combination of reflected and absorbed electromagnetic (EM) radiation at varying wavelengths which can uniquely identify an object


*In bookbinding, a large sheet of paper printed with several pages, which, when folded, is intended to form four or more leaves in the finished book
*Diabolical signature, in demonology, the signature of a devil, demon or similar spirit, usually in order to sign your soul away
*Doctrine of signatures, in Christian European metaphysics
*Signature (dance group), a British Bhangra act in the 2008 series of the popular British television show, Britain's Got Talent
*signature mark, a mark at the bottom of "signatures" to assist the bookbinder
*Signature Records, a mid-20th century United States-based record label
*Signatures Restaurant, a restaurant formerly owned by Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff
*Signature Theatres, a movie theatre chain in California, Hawaii, and Montana operated by Regal Entertainment Group

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