Infraspecific taxon

In botanical nomenclature, an "infraspecific taxon" is a taxon at a rank below that of species (i.e. within a species, infra = below). An infraspecific taxon gets a ternary name.

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  • infraspecific taxon — noun A taxon at a rank below that of species ( within the species ) with a three part name consisting of the species name and an infraspecific epithet …   Wiktionary

  • infraspecific epithet — noun The third word in the scientific name of an infraspecific taxon, following the name of the species. This applies only to formal names of plants and fungi, and not to the formal names of bacteria or animals. In Cannabis sativa subsp. indica… …   Wiktionary

  • infraspecific — [in΄frə spə sif′ik] adj. of or pertaining to any taxon or category within a species, as a subspecies …   English World dictionary

  • infraspecific — adjective pertaining to a taxon at a rank lower than species. Usage: only in botany, not in zoology and bacteriology …   Wiktionary

  • Monotypic taxon — Monotypic redirects here. For the type of printmaking, see monotyping. In biology, a monotypic taxon is a taxonomic group with only one biological type. The term s usage differs slightly between botany and zoology. The term monotypic has a… …   Wikipedia

  • Ternary name — In botanical nomenclature, the ICBN prescribes a three part name (ternary name) for any taxon below the rank of species. The ranks below that of species explicitly allowed in the ICBN are * subspecies (subspecies) recommended abbreviation: subsp …   Wikipedia

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  • Type (biology) — Type specimen for Cimbrophlebia brooksi, a fossil scorpion fly. By convention, the red label denotes a type specimen. In biology, a type is one particular specimen (or in some cases a group of specimens) of an organism to which the scientific… …   Wikipedia

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  • Subvariety — In botanical nomenclature, a subvariety ( subvarietas ) is a taxonomic rank below that of variety ( varietas ) but above that of form ( forma ): it is an infraspecific taxon. Its name consists of three parts: a genus name, a specific epithet and… …   Wikipedia

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