American Society of Reproductive Medicine

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is an organization that wants to advance the "art, science, and practice of reproductive medicine" . It provides a forum for lay public, researchers, physicians and affiliated health workers through education, publications, and meetings. Founded in 1944, its initial name was the American Fertility Society (AFS).

The Society has its headquarters in Birmingham, AL and a public relation office in Washington, DC. Key activities are the Annual Meeting that brings together several thousand of interested professionals from different countries, as well as courses, seminars, and workshops, and the monthly journal "Fertility and Sterility".

Special interest groups are focused on assisted reproductive technology, andrology, reproductive surgery, contraception, menopause, genetic counseling, business practices, reproductive endocrinology, sexuality, adolescent endocrinology, reproductive nursing, reproductive biology, mental health, imaging techniques, laboratory techniques, fertility preservation, and reproductive immunology.

Ethical issues in reproduction are addressed by the Ethics Committee that published guidelines for medical practitioners. A Practice Committee summarizes consensus opinions on medical standards and educational bulletins.

ESHRE is the European counterpart.

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