"Boink" is a magazine of eroticacite web|url=|title=Boink Magazine official website] started by Alecia Oleyourryk, a magazine journalism major at
Boston University, and photographer Christopher Anderson. The magazine is also educational in scope and purpose. The premiere issue was released in February 2005 and was celebrated with an opening party at the Roxy, a nightclub in Boston's Theater District.

The reason that I like this magazine is that you can tell they are real college students... not those fake college students you find on the Internet. -- Howard Stern (BU Alum) cite web|url=|title=The Howard Stern Show - 09/28/05]

The magazine is available in both a print and online digital version. "Boink" caters to both men and women with articles dealing with sexuality in college life. All models are students from area colleges and of varying sexual orientations.

In 2006, Warner Books purchased the worldwide rights to publish and distribute a book based on the magazine. The book − "BOINK: College Sex by the People Having It" − was released in February 2008.


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