Nu Andromedae

ν Andromedae
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Andromeda
Right ascension 00h 49m 48.8s
Declination +41° 04' 44"
Apparent magnitude (V) +4.53
Distance 680 ± 110 ly
(208 ± 34 pc)
Spectral type B5V+F8V
Other designations
35 Andromedae, HR 226, HD 4727, BD+40°171, FK5 1021, HIP 3881, SAO 36699, GC 989

Nu Andromedae (ν And, ν Andromedae) is a binary star in the constellation Andromeda. It is approximately 680 light years from Earth.

Nu Andromedae is spectroscopic binary whose components are a blue-white B-type main sequence dwarf and a yellow-white F-type main sequence dwarf. The binary has an apparent magnitude of +4.53 and an orbital period of 4.2828 days.


This star's location in the constellation Andromeda can be seen in the following diagram:

Diagram of Andromeda constellation

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