Tigraine Mantear

Lady Tigraine of House Mantear is a background character in the "Wheel of Time" fantasy book by Robert Jordan.

Her brother was Luc and her mother was Queen Modrellein Mantear. Her personal sigil was a woman's hand gripping a thorny rose stem with a white blossom.

She was the Daughter-Heir of Andor and married Taringail Damodred, whom she never loved, to help relations between Andor and Cairhien and they had a son, Galad. She was told by the Aes Sedai Gitara Moroso to become a Maiden of the Spear or the world would suffer. She traveled into the Waste in 972 NE, causing the Succession War. Within a year she had become a Maiden, taking on the name of Shaiel meaning "woman who is dedicated".

She was adopted into the Chumai Sept of the Taardad Aiel and fell in love with the clan chief, Janduin. She traveled with the Taardad over the Dragonwall to execute King Laman, the Oathbreaker. In the third year of the Aiel War, she became pregnant to Janduin. She should have been sent home, but was not, and had her child on the third day of The Battle of the Shining Walls, the last day of Nesan, 978 NE and died moments later. Her child, Rand al'Thor, was the prophesied Dragon Reborn, the central character of The Wheel of Time.

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