Paradigm(s) structured
Appeared in 1973
Designed by Benedict Løfstedt and Børge R. Christensen
Typing discipline strong
Influenced by BASIC, Pascal

COMAL (Common Algorithmic Language) is a computer programming language developed in Denmark by Benedict Løfstedt and Børge R. Christensen in 1973.

The "COMAL 80 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE REPORT" contains the formal definition of the language.



COMAL was actually created as a mixture of the prevalent educational programming languages of the time, BASIC and Pascal, and was meant to introduce structured programming elements in an environment where BASIC would normally be used.


In the early 1980s, Apple Computer won a contract to supply Apple II computers running CP/M and COMAL to Irish secondary schools.

In 1990 Thomas Lundy and Rory O'Sullivan produced the definitive text on COMAL Programming.[citation needed] They matched and compared COMAL with BBC Structured Basic.


COMAL is available for:



IF condition THEN


FOR number:= 1 TO 1000 DO   
 PRINT number

Print statements with variables:

INPUT "Whats your favourite number..." :nmr%
PRINT "Your favourite number is " ; nmr%

"Hello, world!"

20 FOR number:= 1 TO 10 DO
50 END " "

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