Ambient Devices


Ambient's devices focus on information of interest to the local (or larger) area, such as weather and stock indices, and with a paid subscription Ambient will provide a particular device with more personalized information.


* Ambient Orb - Mar, 2002Kirsner, Scott. [ Peripherals, Lite-brite style] , Wired 02-2002]
* Ambient Weather Beacon - 2003
* Ambient Weather Forecaster - 2004
* Ambient Dashboard - 2004
* Ambient Wireless Datacasting Kit - Mar, 2005 [ [ Press Release: Ambient Launches Wireless Datacasting Kit] ]
* Ambient 5-Day Weather Forecaster launched at Brookstone []
* Ambient Google Clock - (in development) [ [ Ambient Clock combines Google Calendar and analog timekeeping] , Engadget, 2006-10-23.]
* Ambient Umbrella - 2007 [Rubin, Josh. [ Forecasting Umbrella] , Cool Hunting 2006-01-10, accessed 2007-05-01.]

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* [ Official home page]
* [ Device configuration, coverage areas, etc.]


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