1896 in film

1896 in film



*January - In Britain, Birt Acres and Robert W. Paul developed their own film projector, the Theatrograph (later known as the Animatograph).
*January - In the United States, a projector called the Vitascope was designed by Charles Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat. Armat began working with Thomas Edison to manufacture the Vitascope, which projected motion pictures.
* The Pathé Frères film company was founded.
*April - Thomas Edison and Thomas Armat's Vitascope was used to project motion pictures in public screenings in New York City.
* May 14 - Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was crowned in Moscow, in the first coronation ever recorded in film.
* French magician and filmmaker Georges Méliès began experimenting with the new motion picture technology, developing early special effects techniques, including stop-motion photography.
* William Selig founded the Selig Polyscope Company in Chicago.
* Demeny-Gaumont worked on a 60 mm format, first known as Biographe (unperforated), then Chronophotographe (perforated).
* Casimir Sivan and E. Dalphin created a 38 mm format.

Films released in 1896

*"Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat"
*"Arrivée d'un train gare de Vincennes"
*"Awakening of Rip"
*"Baignade en mer"
*"Barnet Horse Fair"
*"Bataille de boules de neige"
*"Bateau-mouche sur la Seine"
*"Batteuse à vapeur"
*"Bébé et fillettes"
*"Le Bivouac"
*"Les Blanchisseuses"
*"Bois de Boulogne"
*"Boulevard des Italiens"
*"The Boxing Kangaroo"
*"Boxing Match; or, Glove Contest"
*"La Fée aux Choux"
*"The Horse Trough"
*"The Kiss"
*"Kørsel med Grønlandske Hunde"
*"Le Manoir du diable"
*"Rip Van Winkle" (series)
*"The Vanishing Lady"


* January 20 - Isabel Withers, actress (d. 1968)
* June 28 - Constance Binney, actress, singer, dancer (d. 1989)
* July 16 - Evelyn Preer, actress, singer (d. 1932)
* July 25 - Jack Perrin, actor (d. 1967)
* August 18 - Jack Pickford, actor (d. 1933)
*August 30 - Raymond Massey, actor (d. 1983)

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