List of Presidents of the British Virgin Islands

The following persons served as Presidents of the Council in the British Virgin Islands. However, the real power in the Territory was exercised through the Governors of the Leeward Islands.

Prior to 1782 the Presidents of the Council were referred to as Lieutenant Governors.

*John Pickering (1741)
*John Hunt (1741-1750)
*James Purcell (1750-1751)
*John Purcell (1751-1775)
*John Nugent (1775-1782)"Vacant from 1782 to 1811"
*Richard Hetherington (1811-18??)
*Edward Hay Drummond Hay (1839-1850)"Vacant from 1850 to 1852"
*John Cornell Chads (1852-1854)
*Cornelius Hendricksen Kortright (1854-1857)"Vacant from 1857 to 1859"
*Thomas Price (1859-1861)
*James Robert Longden (1861-1864)
*Sir Arthur Carlos Henry Rumbold (1866-1869)
*Alexander Wilson Muir (1869-1872)
*Richard Mahoney Hickson (1873-1879)
*John Kemys Spencer-Churchill (1879-1882)
*Richard Henry Kortright Dyett (1882-1884)
*Fredrick Augustus Pickering (1884-1887)

For leaders after this see: Governor of the British Virgin Islands

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