Central American Common Market

Central American Common Market

Infobox Geopolitical organization
native_name = "Mercado Común Centroamericano"
name = Central American Common Market (CACM)
linking_name = the Central American Common Market

map_caption = Map of Central America indicating CACM members
org_type = Common market
membership = 5 Central American countries
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established = 1960-1969, 1991 to date
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The Central American Common Market (CACM; Spanish: "Mercado Común Centroamericano", MCCA) was an economic trade organisation between five nations of Central America spanning 100 million acres. It was established on December 13, 1960 between the nations of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua in a conference in Managua. These nations ratified the treaties of membership the following year. Costa Rica joined the CACM in 1963. Panama is conspicuous by absence.

The organisation collapsed in 1969 with the Football War between Honduras and El Salvador, but was then reinstated in 1991.

The current Central America trade block is organized by the General Treaty for Economical Integration signed October 29 1993 (Guatemala Protocol) which is part of the Central American Integration System SICA.

The CACM has succeeded in removing duties on most products moving among the member countries, and has largely unified external tariffs and increased trade within the member nations. However, it has not achieved the further goals of greater economic and political unification that were hoped for at the organisation's founding, mainly caused by the CACM's inability and lack of reliable means to settle trade disputes.

Comparison with other regional blocs

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* [http://www.worldtradelaw.net/fta/agreements/cacmfta.pdf General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration between Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua signed at Managua, on 13 December 1960]

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