Forward may refer to:
* Relative direction, where "forward" is the opposite of "backward"
* "Forward", the motto of the State of Wisconsin
* "Forward", the motto of the City of Birmingham
* Forward contract, an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a pre-agreed future point
*"The Forward", a Jewish-American newspaper

In physics:
* Forward pseudorapidity region, particles traveling very close to the beam in a particle accelerator.
* Forward converter, a DC-DC converter circuit

In sports:
*Forward, another term for Striker in association football, usually associated with a more deep-lying position than a conventional striker.
*Forward (basketball), including
**Point forward
**Power forward (basketball)
**Small forward
*Forward (ice hockey)
**Power forward (ice hockey)
*In rugby football:
**Forwards, in rugby league
**Forwards, in rugby union

In literature:
*"Forward!", a collection of short stories by Gordon R. Dickson
* Forward Poetry Prize

In music:
*"Forward" (Ayla Brown album), an album recorded by American Idol semi-finalist Ayla Brown
*"Forward" (Turn album), an album recorded by Meath-based Indie Rock band Turn

In politics:
*Forward (Greenland), a social democratic political party in Greenland
*Kadima (Hebrew for forward), an Israeli political party

Forward may also refer to:
* Email forwarding, a mechanism by which a mail server sends the emails of one of its user's to another address.
* Isuzu Forward, trucks made by Isuzu

Forward is the name of:
*Bob Forward (born 1958), a United States film director; son of Robert L. Forward
*Robert L. Forward (1932-2002), a United States physicist and science fiction writer
*Eve Forward, author of fantasy novels, "Villains by Necessity" and "Animist"; daughter of Robert L. Forward

ee also

* foreword

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