Polynomial sequence

Polynomial sequence

In mathematics, a polynomial sequence is a sequence of polynomials indexed by the nonnegative integers 0, 1, 2, 3, ..., in which each index is equal to the degree of the corresponding polynomial.


* Monomials
* Rising factorials
* Falling factorials
* Abel polynomials
* Bell polynomials
* Bernoulli polynomials
* Chebyshev polynomials
* Dickson polynomials
* Fibonacci polynomials
* Hermite polynomials
* Legendre polynomials
* Laguerre polynomials
* Lucas polynomials
* Spread polynomials
* Touchard polynomials
* Rook polynomials

Classes of polynomial sequences

* Polynomial sequences of binomial type
* Orthogonal polynomials
* Secondary polynomials
* Sheffer sequence
* Sturm sequence
* Generalized Appell polynomials

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