Maritime cliff communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system

This article gives an overview of the maritime cliff communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system.


The maritime cliff communities of the NVC were described in Volume 5 of British Plant Communities, first published in 2000, along with the other maritime communities (those of shingle strand-line and sand-dunes and saltmarshes) and vegetation of open habitats.

In total, 12 maritime cliff communities have been identified.

The maritime cliff communities consist of three subgroups:

  • five maritime cliff crevice and ledge communities (MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4 and MC5)
  • five maritime grassland communities of sea-cliffs (MC8, MC9, MC10, MC11 and MC12)
  • two communities associated with sea-bird cliffs (MC6 and MC7)

List of maritime cliff communities

The following is a list of the communities that make up this category:

  • British National Vegetation Classification Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5

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