Charlotte Bay

Location of Danco Coast on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Charlotte Bay (64°34′59″S 61°37′59″W / 64.58306°S 61.63306°W / -64.58306; -61.63306Coordinates: 64°34′59″S 61°37′59″W / 64.58306°S 61.63306°W / -64.58306; -61.63306[1]) is a bay on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula indenting the west coast of Graham Land in a southeast direction for 12 miles (19 km), between Reclus Peninsula and Cape Murray. The bay was discovered by Adrien de Gerlache during the 1897–99 Belgian Antarctic Expedition and named after the fiancée of Georges Lecointe, Gerlache's executive officer, hydrographer and second-in-command of the expedition.[2]

Charlotte Bay hut

A Falkland Islands Dependency Survey (British Antarctic Survey from 1962) hut was built at Portal Point (64°30′0″S 61°45′58″W / 64.5°S 61.76611°W / -64.5; -61.76611[1]), between Brabant Island and the Danco Coast.

In the 1956–57 season, Wally Herbert, leader of a later British expedition, mapped the area from Hope Bay, and arrived at the Charlotte Bay hut for a scheduled pick up by the Shackleton. With no radio, Herbert had no way of knowing that the Shackleton had hit an iceberg and was returning to the Falkland Islands for repairs. The six men and their dogs were forced to stay in the hut for about three months without knowing their fate, and with diminishing food supplies.[citation needed]


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