Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions (OSE: DOLP) is a manufacturer of high speed data communication systems, located in Oslo, Norway (headquarters) and Woodsville, New Hampshire, USA (US Customer Support and Logistics.)

The technology of Dolphin was based on development work at Norsk Data during the late 1980s. Dolphin Interconnect Solutions was founded in 1992 as a spin-off from Dolphin Server Technology which again was a spin-off from Norsk Data in 1989. Dolphin Interconnect Solutions develops technology for low latency, very high speed communication, between servers and/or embedded systems.


Dolphin started out continuing the development of a line of SCI-products from Norsk Data, by implementing customer-specific solutions, as well as providing PCI and later PCIe boards for commodity and High-performance computing systems. Dolphin SCI products are currently available under the Dolphin Express label.

The StarFabric product line was added to the Dolphin interconnect portfolio through the acquisition of StarGen Inc. StarFabric provides a low cost, low latency PCI based interconnect running over standard Ethernet CAT 5 wiring.

Similarly, the DX product line was also acquired from Stargen. DX implements a PCIe-native switched-topology technology that provides the same capabilities as the SCI products. The DX-products are also available under the Dolphin Express label.

The SISCI api, was developed as an interface for utilizing the shared memory SCI hardware. With the introduction of the DX-line of products, the API was expanded to support DX-specific features like reflective memory.

SuperSockets is a software infrastructure for Dolphin Express providing a very low latency, high throughput implementation of the Berkeley Sockets API.

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