St Gregory's College, Campbelltown

Infobox Aust school private
name = St Gregory's College

motto = "Quae Seminaveris Metes"
(Latin:"As you sow, so shall you reap")cite web|url =|title = Annual School Report 2006|accessdate = 2007-10-14|year = 2007|format = PDF|work = Introduction|publisher = St Gregory's College]
established = 1926cite web|url =|title = St Gregory's College|accessdate = 2007-10-14|year = 2007|work = New South Wales|publisher = School Choice]
type = Private, Secondary, Single-sex, Day & Boarding
denomination = Roman Catholic, Marist Brothers
slogan =
key_people = Mr Derek Wales ( Acting Principal)

Mr Derek Wales (Director of Students)

Mr Derek Wales (Director of Learning)

Mr Derek Wales (Director of Mission)

Mr Derek Wales (Director of Boarding)

Kurtis Pont (College Captain)

Lloyd Nash (College Vice Captain)

fees = AU$4,430 - AU$5,160 p.a (Day)
AU$17,900 - AU$18,630 p.a (Boarding)cite web|url =|title = School Fee Policy and Charges - 2008|accessdate = 2008-01-28 |year = 2008 |format = PDF|work = Enrolments|publisher = St Gregory's College|pages = p.1]
city = Campbelltown
state = New South Wales
country = Australia flagicon|Australia
enrolment = ~1,100cite web|url =|title = St Gregory's College|accessdate = 2007-10-14|year = 2007 |work = New South Wales Schools|publisher = Australian Boarding Schools Association]
num_employ = ~68 (Full-time)
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St Gregory's College (commonly referred to as St Greg's) is a Catholic, secondary, day and boarding school for boys, located in Campbelltown, a south-western suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Founded on 3 February 1926 and conducted by the Marist Brothers since 1929, St Greg's has a non-selective enrolment policy and currently caters for approximately 1100 students from Years 7 to 12, including 180 boarders.

The college is a school of the Diocese of Wollongong,cite web |url=|title= Congregational Schools|accessdate=2007-10-14 |year =2007|work= Systemic Schools (CEO, Wollongong)|publisher=Catholic Diocese of Wollongong] and is a member of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA),cite web |url= |title=AHISA Schools: New South Wales |accessdate=2007-10-14 |year =2007 |month =April |work=New South Wales|publisher=Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia] the Australian Boarding Schools' Association, and the Association of Marist Schools of Australia.cite web |url=|title= Member School Links |accessdate=2007-10-14 |year =2007 |work=Member Schools|publisher=Association of Marist Schools of Australia] The School has hosted the Marist Cricket and Basketball Carnival's, Won the Arrive Alive and Nutri-Grain Cup. Most recently in 2008 St Gregory's had a mass in celebration of the "Journey of the World Youth Day Cross and Icon" just months before World Youth Day in which the college was very involved.

The College for 82 years has been the best Catholic school for boys in the Macathur area turning boys into fine young men and setting a great example to the community by being involved in various community service activities such as The Salvation Army's and St Vincent de Paul's Door Knock Appeals, helping students at Beverly Park special school on Thursday afternoons and much more.The St Gregory's Good Bloke Award is also an achievement that St Gregory's students strive for by handing in lost property, helping people at Campbelltown station, giving up their seats for their elders on the bus. This is what St Gregory's is about "being a good bloke" and setting a good example for the boys to come.St Gregory's sister school is St Scholastica's College but usually due to the distance, St Gregory's have dances with St Pats in Campbelltown.

Early days

St Gregory's College commenced operations in 1925. The property on which the College is located was owned by Thomas Donovan who was a generous benefactor to the Catholic Church. In the early 1920s he contacted the Marist Brothers about starting a school for boys on the top of badgally hill to help them learn the skills to have careers on the land.St Gregory's are fourtunate enough to still keep their agricultural tradition alive and well with their farm started in the 1920s. The Boys do show cattle and sheep at various shows across Sydney such as, Camden Show, Moss Vale Show, Canberra Show and the Sydney Royal Easter ShowSt Gregory’s commenced operations as a boarding school on 3 February 1926 with five brothers as staff, and two students (The Cuskelly Brothers).By the end of the year the student numbers had risen to ten.

In 1929 the estate was donated to the Marist Brothers by Mr Thomas Donovan. Donovan intended that St Gregory's College should exist for country boys whom he would endow with bursaries. Much of the early infrastructure was also donated by Mr Donovan, for example the Chapel, classrooms and the first dormitory.

The foundation Principal in 1926 was Br Felix. However before the end of the first year he was recalled to his position at St. Joseph's College, Hunters Hill. Br Laurentius who was on the staff took over the position. Br Laurentius was only 27 years old but suffered from ill health. Enrolments climbed to around 50 students despite the college not having main electricity or a reliable supply of water.

The Great Depression saw enrolments drop to ten students and the college was threatened with closure. Principal Br Laurentius died in 1933 after a long illness. Br Antoninus was appointed the new principal and led the College during the Depression years.

Post-Depression era

In 1937 Br William Molloy was appointed. Br Molloy had much experience as a principal as he had been a successful leader in several Marist schools before he came to St Gregory's.Br Molloy did much to progress the college. He registered the college as an agricultural high school making it the first Catholic agricultural high school in Australia. Br Molloy also chose the College's motto: "Quae Seminaveris Metes" which is translated form Latin to mean "What you sow, so shall you reap".

Enrolments rose steadily but the perceived threat of Japanese invasion of Australia during the Second World War saw numbers rise dramatically due to the schools location away from Sydney Harbour. Br Ambrose Payne led the College during the war years and during this time the main building for class rooms and dormitories was constructed.

Post World War Two era

The period following the war saw Br William Molloy return to lead the college for a few years, followed by Br Valens and then Br Angelus. The College was stretched to its capacity with over 226 boarders. In 1957 the College welcomed back its first old boy principal, Br Coman Sykes. This time saw much growth and development. Ovals were levelled, the swimming pool was started and in 1962 the college chapel was opened. The college chapel was sponsored by old boys after Mr Len Sykes rallied ex-students across New South Wales in a fund raising tour.

Br Anselm became Principal in the 1960's. At that time the Campbelltown area was booming with a growth rate of 13% compared to the state average of 2%. The Wyndham Scheme changed the New South Wales schools system to provide for six years of secondary education instead of five. This caused great demand for places at the college. The number of day boys soon challenged those of many boarders.

Br Anselm built a new class room and dormitory block in 1963 began a new project nearly every year. This period was of unprecedented change and growth. Br Anselm contracted cancer and he died in May, 1970.

In the years ahead Br Frederick for one year and then Br Clarence, Br Ernest, Br Geoffrey and Br William followed as Principals. Br Ernest initiated a comprehensive building programme of class rooms, computer rooms and dormitories. When Br William Connell opened the Year 12 boarding house the programme was complete.

During the 1970s and 80s the College saw success in terms of academic results and sporting competitions. It was during this time that the college earned a reputation as the nursery for young National Rugby League (NRL) stars. The college dairy closed in the early 1980's.

The 1990s and beyond

For much of the 1990s St Gregory's was led by Br Paul Hough who has served the longest term as principal at the college. During this time he built new boarding houses for junior students and the college saw success in public speaking and debating, musicals and agricultural competitions. Br Paul left the college at the end of 2000 to become principal at St. Joseph's College, Hunters Hill.

In 2001 Mr Marshal McMahon was appointed as the first lay Principal of St Gregory's. Mr McMahon initiated several building projects including the Donovan Centre and the road reworks. The implementation of computer technology within the college has increased greatly during this period.

At present the College is undergoing building renovations aimed at providing better facilities for the school body. These works involve the relocation of the Study Hall, Library, staff room, administration and reception facilities.Br Peter Pemble saw the Building of 500 seats over looking the Number 1 Oval.



The College is situated on a single 400 hectare (1,048 acre) campuscite web|url =|title = About Us |accessdate = 2007-10-14|year = 2007 |work = Our School|publisher = St Gregory's College] located in the suburb of Campbelltown and approximately 43 km from the Sydney central business district. St Gregory's is located on Badgally Hill, the highest peak between Sydney and the Great Dividing Range.


Boarders of St Gregory's College live in five houses named after significant Brothers in the College's history. Attached to each boarding house is a residence for a family who look after the house. Within the boarding house is accommodation for a live-in supervisor.

The boarding buildings provide single room accommodation for all students. Each house contains bathrooms with a laundry, a common room equipped with kitchen facilities and internet in each boarding house and in each room in the Year 12 boarding house.The Houses AreValens, Fingal, Edgar, Alfred and Senan House.

Valens is led by Br Chris Hogan for Year 7

Fingal is led by Mr and Mrs Fox for Years 8 and 9

Edgar is led by Mrs Graham and Mrs Burke for Years 9 and 10

Alfred is led by Mr Wilson for Years 9 and 10

Senan is led by Mr John Kierenan for Years 11 and 12

College mottos

St Gregory's college has had two mottos since its foundation.
*"Manners Maketh thy Man" 1926 - 1937, inherited from the Donovan family
*"Quae Seminaveris Metes" 1937 - Present, translated from Latin as "What you sow, so shall you reap". Chosen by the principal at the time, Brother William Molloy.

Marist Brothers

As a Marist school, Marist brothers have their own accommodation on the school grounds at the Br William Molloy building and Marist Brothers are also amongst the teaching staff. Saint Marcellin Champagnat was the founder of the Marist Brothers. In 2001, Mr Marshal McMahon became the first lay headmaster of the College. Mr Mcmahon is the only lay Principal of St Gregory's with Br Peter Pemble taking his Place in 2008, but sadly due to his Leg it was announced half way through Term 3 2008 that he would not return to St Gregory's as Principal. Mr Tony Fitzgerald is the current acting principal for the remainder of 2008.



St Gregory's College has a strong reputation in Sport. St Gregory's is known for its success in Rugby League and also Cricket. With this years First XI winning the MCS competition, 2007 Australasian Marist Carnival and joint priemers in the Combined Catholic College's Downey Trophey, with 22 wins and 0 losses all season. Rugby League is very strong at the college as St Gregory's compete in the MCS competition and the Arrive Alive cup who have been champions on a record 9 occasions and Runners Up twice. Strong support from the college community is present at semi-finals and finals in the MCS competition and all Arrive Alive Cup matches. Rugby Union is also becoming part of the sporting culture at the college which the boarding community represents the college against teams in the GPS and ISA sporting competitions. The college provides facillities for the students with 8 rugby league/union fields, 3 cricket fields, 3 football (Soccer) fields, swimming pool, tennis courts, cricket nets, outdoor and indoor basketball courts and a college gymnasium.

Sports played at the college include: Rugby League, Cricket, Football (Soccer), Basketball, Rugby Union, Australian Rules Football, Touch Football, Golf, Tennis, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, and Softball.

St Gregory's College is known as a nursery to the National Rugby League (NRL) with some notable players representing several NRL teams along with State and National honours with more recently Ryan Hoffman gaining selection in the Australian Test side which will come up against New Zealand on October 14th. Also grand final day 2007 each 3 grandfinals Jersey Flegg, Priemier League and the Nrl Telstra Premiership had a representative from St Gregory's College.

In 2007, The new Director of Boarding Mr Matthew Brennan introduced Rugby Union in a Passionate Way and saw Boarders Playing against GPS and ISA member Schools in Rugby Union. 2007 brought great success and as a result of this the St Gregory's first XV were entered in the 2008 Warratah Sheild (State Competition) having progressed to the Semi Finals played on September 2 2008 against St Augstines Brookvale.

St Gregory's Played in the Sheild

Trinity College,Goulburn

St Johns, Nowra

Barker College,Hornsby

Hills Sports High

St Augustine's,Brookvale

Debating and public speaking

Debating and public speaking has had a long history at St Gregory's College.The College Represents itself in the CSDA Competition for Public Speaking and Debating. The Gordon Fetterplace Public Speaking Competition is a Highlight of the Year for boys willing to have a go.


St Gregory's is well known for their amazing singing at Mass. The St Gregory's College Choir have had many gigs in and around school. In 2008 the choir sang at Gordon Fetterplace and Jack Gibsons Funerals. As a result of their great sound after Jack Gibson's funeral, The ARL selected the St Gregory's choir to sing "You Raise me Up" at the oppening State of Origin game in 2008 in Sydney.


St Gregory's also participates with the Duke of Edinburgh Award as well as Telescope nights and Chess.

House system

As with most Australian schools, St Gregory's utilises a house system. In 2007 the college adopted new sporting houses to the college community with several name changes and introduction of the Champagnat House Cup. The college house competition provides the chance for all boys to contribute to the success of their house, not just in sport but in every part of College life. The four new houses that were established are:
*Laurentian House Colour: Red, Motto: "Edurance produces character"
*Donovan House Colour: Gold, Motto: "To share with generosity"
*Molloy House Colour: Blue, Motto: "Stand firm in your faith, act with courage"
*Killian House Colour: Green, Motto: "To be first, you must be a servant"

2007 Champagnat Cup Winners: Killian,Green, Captain: Marcus Berryman and Mitchell Huckstepp

Patrons:Mr Laing, Mrs Pickard

2008 Champagnat Cup Winners: Killian,Green, Captains: Dean Quarisa and Dane Harrision

Patron: Mrs Pickard

Note: "Killian" were the only House to keep their name and colour

Notable alumni

Alumnus of St Gregory's College are commonly referred to as 'Old Boys' and may choose to join the schools alumni association, the St Gregory's College Old Boys Association.cite web|url =|title = Old Boys Registration |accessdate = 2007-10-14|work = Our School|publisher = St Gregory's College] Some notable 'Old Boys' include:

;Entertainment, Media and the Arts
*Peter Lloyd - South Asia correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
*John Nolan (Musician) - Former Lead Guitarist and founding member of Australian Premier Alternative Rock Band "Bigroom"
* The Logan Brothers who appeared in Big Brother

;Medicine and Science
*Mark Baker - Chair of Proteomics at Macquarie University; Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Proteome Analysis Facilitycite encyclopedia| editor = Suzannah Pearce| encyclopedia = Who's Who in Australia Live!| title = BAKER Mark| accessdate = 2007-10-14| date = 2006-11-17| year = 2007| publisher = Crown Content Pty Ltd| location = North Melbourne, Vic]

;Politics, Public Service and the Law
*Peter James Breen - Former Member of the NSW Legislative Council (Independent); Member of the Statutory Committee on Offices of Ombudsman and Police Integrity Commission; Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice; Joint Select Committee on Victims Compensationcite encyclopedia| editor = Suzannah Pearce| encyclopedia = Who's Who in Australia Live!| title = BREEN Peter James| accessdate = 2007-10-14| date = 2006-11-17| year = 2007| publisher = Crown Content Pty Ltd| location = North Melbourne, Vic]
*Steven Chaytor - Politician; Australian Labor Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, representing the Electoral district of Macquarie Fieldscite encyclopedia| editor = Suzannah Pearce| encyclopedia = Who's Who in Australia Live!| title = CHAYTOR Steven| accessdate = 2007-10-14| date = 2006-11-17| year = 2007| publisher = Crown Content Pty Ltd| location = North Melbourne, Vic]
*Benedict Paul Hardman - Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly (ALP), representing the Electoral district of Seymourcite web|url =|title = Hardman, Benedict ('Ben') Paul|accessdate = 2007-10-14|year = 2007|work = Re-Member|publisher = Parliament of Victoria]
*Adrian Piccoli - New South Wales Shadow Leader of the House; Shadow Minister for Water; Shadow Minister for Regional Development; Shadow Minister for State Development; Member of the Legislative Assembly (Nationals) for Murrumbidgee (also attended Catholic High School Griffith)cite encyclopedia| editor = Suzannah Pearce| encyclopedia = Who's Who in Australia Live!| title = PICCOLI Adrian| accessdate = 2007-10-14| date = 2006-11-17| year = 2007| publisher = Crown Content Pty Ltd| location = North Melbourne, Vic]
*Hon. Thomas Gregory Stephens - Member of the Legislative Assembly (ALP) for Central Kimberley-Pilbara, Western Australiacite encyclopedia| editor = Suzannah Pearce| encyclopedia = Who's Who in Australia Live!| title = STEPHENS (Tom) Thomas Gregory, Hon.| accessdate = 2007-10-14| date = 2006-11-17| year = 2007| publisher = Crown Content Pty Ltd| location = North Melbourne, Vic]
*William John Tilley - Member of the Legislative Assembly (Liberal) for Benambra, Victoria (also attended Waverley College & Redden College)cite encyclopedia| editor = Suzannah Pearce| encyclopedia = Who's Who in Australia Live!| title = TILLEY (Bill) William John| accessdate = 2007-10-14| date = 2006-11-17| year = 2007| publisher = Crown Content Pty Ltd| location = North Melbourne, Vic]
* The Hon.Graham West - Member for Campbelltown on a state government level. Minister of gaming and racing and for Sport and Recreation. Member of the Australian Labour Party (ALP)

* Jack Gibson - Coach of Rugby League Team of the Century
* Trent Barrett - Rugby League player for Wigan in the European Super League; Formerly played for the Illawarra Steelers, New South Wales and Australia
* Simon Bonetti - Rugby League, played for Sydney Roosters
* Peter Cusak - Rugby League player; Currently co-captain of South Sydneycite web|url = |title = Peter Cusack|accessdate = 2007-10-14|year = 2007|work= Player Profile|publisher = South Sydney Rabbitohs]
* Stuart Flanagan - Rugby League player for the Wests Tigers
* Eric Grothe - Rugby League
* Ryan Hoffman - Rugby League player for the Melbourne Storm (Class of 2002)cite news| author = AAP| title = Storm snaps up schoolboy star| url =| work = Sport| publisher = The Age| date = 2002-07-25| accessdate = 2007-10-14]
* David Howell - Rugby League player for the Canberra Raiders and Harlequins Rugby League
* Chris Lawrence - Rugby League player for the Wests Tigerscite news| first = Vera | last = Bertola | title = Emergence of a kid with star quality | url =| work = Rugby League| publisher = Liverpool Leader| date = 2007-08-08| accessdate = 2007-10-14]
* Robbie Mears - Rugby League
* Luke Quigley - Rugby League player, formerly of the Newcastle Knights; Currently of the French Super League club Catalans Dragons
* Matt Seers - Former Rugby League player for the North Sydney Bears, Wests Tigers and Wakefield Trinity
* Tim Sheens - NRL coach for the Wests Tigers (also attended St Dominic's College, Kingswood)
* Jason Taylor - Former Rugby League player for Wests, Norths, the Northern Eagles, and Parramatta; Record holder for most career points in the National Rugby League Now Coached the South Sydney Rabbitohs
* Daniel Heckenberg - Rugby League player for Harlequins Rugby League
* Taulima Tautai - Rugby league palyer for Parramatta Eels


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* List of non-government schools in New South Wales

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