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Culture Brain Inc. (株式会社カルチャーブレーン Kabushiki-gaisha Karuchā Burēn?), formally known as Nihon Game Inc. (株式会社日本ゲーム Kabushiki-gaisha Nihon Gēmu?), is a small Japanese video game developer and publisher founded on October 5, 1980.

Culture Brain's first arcade video game was Monster Zero, released in 1982. In North America, Culture Brain is mostly known for its six video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and its three for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Two of those games, The Magic of Scheherazade and Flying Warriors, were strongly redesigned by Culture Brain USA (the company's division in Redmond, WA) to better appeal North American consumers.

Culture Brain was distinct for its innovative gameplay and its mixture of RPG elements with either action or adventure. Two of its titles, The Magic of Scheherazade and Baseball Simulator 1.000, were awarded prizes by the Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. The former in 1989 for "The best graphic of the year" and the latter in 1990 for "The best sport game of the year". However, like many other Japanese video game companies, Culture Brain ceased its operations in the United States in the 1990s. Ever since the demise of Culture Brain USA, video games developed by the parent company have rarely made it in America. An exception of the latter situation is the Nintendo 64 version of Flying Dragon which was published by Natsume.

Culture Brain is currently releasing games mainly for the Nintendo DS, as well as being involved in other activities outside video gaming. Culture Brain is located in Tokyo, Japan.



Nintama Rantarō series

Baseball Simulator series

These Baseball titles included some form of "Super League" where pitchers and batters would have special abilities.

  • Baseball Simulator 1.000 (1989, NES), also known as Choujin Ultra Baseball
  • Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 (1991, Super NES), also known as Super Ultra Baseball
  • Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban (1992, SNES) NPB licensed.
  • Super Ultra Baseball 2 (1994, SNES)
  • Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 2 (1994, SNES) NPB licensed.
  • Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban 3 (1995, SNES) NPB licensed.
  • Pro Yakyū Star (1997, SNES) NPB licensed.

Hiryū no Ken series

  • Shanghai Kid (known in Japan as Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken (Arcade)
  • Hiryu no Ken Special: Fighting Wars (NES - Japan only)
  • Flying Dragon:The Secret Scroll (NES)
  • Flying Warriors (NES)
  • Fighting Simulator 2-in-1: Flying Warriors
  • Ultimate Fighter (Super NES)
  • SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden (Game Boy)
  • Flying Dragon (Nintendo 64)
  • Hiryu no Ken Retsuden GB (Game Boy Color)
  • Virtual Hiryu No Ken (Sony Playstation)

Super Chinese series

In this list are series which were originally released as "Chinese Hero", but became better known as Super Chinese, but with the exception of "Kung-Fu Heroes", these titles were released in North America as the "Ninja Brothers" series.

Oshare Princess series

A Japan-only series of games for the GBA (with two recent DS versions) about fashion and dressing up. The games feature a wide range of clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup to be used in different combinations. Currently there are 5 GBA games and 2 DS games.

Ferret/Hamster Monogatari series

A Japan-only series of games formally about care-taking ferrets, and later about care-taking hamsters. The illustrations of the Hamster Monogatari ones were heavily inspired by Ritsuko Kawai's children's storybook series, Hamtaro.

  • Ferret Monogatari: Watashi no Okini Iri (Game Boy Color)
  • Hamster Monogatari (Sony Playstation)
  • Hamster Monogatari 64 (Nintendo 64)
  • Hamster Monogatari 2 GBA (Game Boy Advance)
  • Hamster Monogatari GB + Magi Ham Mahou no Shoujo (Game Boy Color)
  • Hamster Monogatari 3 GBA (Game Boy Advance)
  • Hamster Monogatari Collection (Game Boy Advance)
  • Hamster Monogatari 3EX, 4, Special (Game Boy Advance)

Konchuu Monster series

A Japan-only series of games about catching, training and battling insects. First released with Super Chinese Labyrinth both in Volume 3 of Culture Brain's Twin Series, a series of two-in-one Game Boy Advance games.

  • Konchuu Monster (Game Boy Advance)
  • Konchuu Monster: Battle Master (Game Boy Advance)
  • Konchuu Monster: Battle Stadium (Game Boy Advance)
  • Konchuu no Mori no Daibouken (Game Boy Advance)


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