Antonius Diogenes

Antonius Diogenes was the author of a Greek romance, whom scholars have placed in the 2nd century CE. His age was unknown even to Photius, who has preserved an outline of his romance. [Photius, "The Bibliotheca", [ cod. 166] .] It consisted of twenty-four books, was written in the form of a dialogue about travels, and bore the title of "The incredible wonders beyond Thule" (Tα υπερ Θoυλην απιστα). [Porphyry, "Life of Pythagoras", [ 10-13] ] It is highly praised by Photius for the clearness and gracefulness of its descriptions. It is widely believed that Lucian of Samosata had firstly in mind Diogenes' work when he wrote his celebrated parody, the "Verae Historiae".



*Smith, William (editor); "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology", [ "Diogenes (1)"] , Boston, (1867)


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