Belgian Coast Tram

Belgian Coast Tram

The Belgian Coast Tram ( _nl. Kusttram) is a public transport service connecting the cities and towns along the entire Belgian (West Flanders) coast, between De Panne near the French border to Knokke-Heist near the Dutch border. It is the longest tram line in the world, as well as one of the few interurban tramways in the world to remain in operation. The line is built at metre gauge and fully electrified at 600 V d.c..


The first section between Oostende and Nieuwpoort was brought into service in 1885. On its creation, the line was managed by the NMVB ("National Neighbourhood Railway Company"), or SNCV in French. In 1991, the NMVB/SNCV was broken into two regional companies, one Walloon and the other Flemish, with the Flemish successor company, Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij De Lijn taking responsibility for operation of the coastal tram.


The service makes 70 stops along the 68 km long line, with a tram running every ten minutes during the peak summer months, during which it is used by over 3 million passengers. The service has recently been made more accessible through the addition of low-floor centre sections to existing vehicles, and the introduction of some new "HermeLijn" low-floor trams.

An interesting feature is the two alternative routes that exist around either end of the Leopoldkanaal locks just east of Zeebrugge, and the similar single track diversion around the inland end of the Boudewijnkanaal lock.

List of stations divided by town

De Panne
* De Panne-Station (NMBS)
* De Panne-Plopsaland
* De Panne-Moeder Lambic
* De Panne-Kerk
* De Panne-Esplanade
* De Panne-Centrum
* De Panne-GolfstraatKoksijde
* Koksijde-Sint-Idesbald
* Koksijde-Ster der Zee
* Koksijde-Bad
* Koksijde-LejeunelaanOostduinkerke
* Oostduinkerke-Schipgat
* Oostduinkerke-Bad
* Oostduinkerke-Duinpark
* Oostduinkerke-Groenedijk-BadNieuwpoort
* Nieuwpoort-Zonnebloem
* Nieuwpoort-Kerk
* Nieuwpoort-Bad
* Nieuwpoort-Ysermonde
* Nieuwpoort-Cardijnlaan
* Nieuwpoort-StadLombardsijde
* Lombardsijde-Y.M.C.A.
* Lombardsijde-Dorp
* Lombardsijde-BadWestende
* Westende-Sint-Laureins
* Westende-Bad
* Westende-Belle VueMiddelkerke
* Middelkerke-Krokodil
* Middelkerke-Verhaeghelaan
* Middelkerke-Casino
* Middelkerke-De GreefpleinRaversijde
* Raversijde-Domein RaversijdeOostende
* Oostende-Raversijde
* Oostende-Ravelingen
* Oostende-Mariakerke-Bad
* Oostende-Media Center
* Oostende-Renbaan
* Oostende-Koninginnelaan
* Oostende-Marie-Joséplein
* Oostende-Station (NMBS)
* Oostende-Weg naar Vismijn
* Oostende-Duin & ZeeBredene
* Bredene-Aan Zee
* Bredene-Campings
* Bredene-RenbaanDe Haan
* De Haan-Vosseslag
* De Haan-Preventorium
* De Haan-Aan Zee
* De Haan-Waterkasteellaan
* De Haan-Zwarte KiezelWenduine
* Wenduine-Sun Parks
* Wenduine-Molen
* Wenduine-Centrum
* Wenduine-Manitoba
* Wenduine-HarendijkeBlankenberge
* Blankenberge-Park
* Blankenberge-Station (NMBS)
* Blankenberge-Pier
* Blankenberge-Sealife-Floreal
* Blankenberge-Duinse PoldersZeebrugge
* Zeebrugge-Strandwijk ("close to NMBS station")
* Zeebrugge-Vaart
* Zeebrugge-Kerk
* Zeebrugge-ZeeluisHeist ("Knokke-Heist")
* Heist-Dijk
* Heist-Heldenplein
* Heist-DuinbergenKnokke ("Knokke-Heist")
* Knokke-Watertoren
* Knokke-Station (NMBS)

ee also

*De Lijn

External links

* [ De Kusttram (Official site)] (in Dutch)
* [ De Lijn (Official site)] (in Dutch)
* [ Kusttram (Non-official site)] (in Dutch)

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