1952 in literature

The year 1952 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*J. L. Carr takes over as headmaster of Highfields Primary School, Kettering, which will eventually furnish the subject matter for his novel, "The Harpole Report".
*November 25 - Agatha Christie's play "The Mousetrap" opens in London.
*The works of André Gide are placed on the Catholic Church's Index of Forbidden Books.
*Launch of the influential periodical, "Past and Present".
*E. E. Cummings is appointed to a Charles Eliot Norton Professorship at Harvard.
*Discovery of a lost scientific work by Geoffrey Chaucer entitled "Equatorie of the Planetis".

New books

*Isaac Asimov
**"The Currents of Space"
**"Foundation and Empire"
*Pearl S. Buck - "The Hidden Flower"
*Italo Calvino - "La Formica Argentina"
*John Dickson Carr writing as "Carter Dickson" - "Behind the Crimson Blind"
*Brian Cleeve - "The Far Hills"
*Thomas B. Costain - "The Silver Chalice"
*A. J. Cronin - "Adventures in Two Worlds"
*August Derleth - "Three Problems for Solar Pons"
*August Derleth editor - ""
*David F. Dodge - "To Catch a Thief"
*Ralph Ellison - "Invisible Man"
*Edna Ferber - "Giant"
*Paul Gallico - "The Small Miracle"
*Han Suyin - "A Many-splendoured Thing"
*Robert A. Heinlein - "The Rolling Stones"
*Ernest Hemingway - "The Old Man and the Sea"
*Frances Parkinson Keyes - "Steamboat Gothic"
*David H. Keller - "Tales from Underwood"
*Arthur Koestler - "Arrow in the Blue"
*Doris Lessing - "Martha Quest"
*C. S. Lewis - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
*Bernard Malamud - "The Natural"
*Harry Mulisch - "Archibald Strohalm"
*C. L. Moore - "Judgment Night"
*R. K. Narayan - "The Financial Expert"
*Vin Packer - "Spring Fire"
*Anthony Powell - "A Buyer's Market"
*Barbara Pym - "Excellent Women"
*Ellery Queen - "The King is Dead
*Charles Shaw - "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison"
*Howard Spring - "The Houses in Between"
*John Steinbeck - "East of Eden"
*Rex Stout - "Triple Jeopardy"
*Rex Stout - "Prisoner's Base"
*Edith Templeton - "The Island of Desire"
*Agnes Sligh Turnbull - "The Gown of Glory"
*Amos Tutuola - "The Palm-Wine Drinkard"
*Hillary Waugh - "Last Seen Wearing ..."
*E. B. White - "Charlotte's Web"
*Angus Wilson - "Hemlock and After"
*Frank Yerby - "The Saracen Blade"

New drama

*Samuel Beckett - "Waiting for Godot"
*Robertson Davies - "A Masque of Aesop"
*Charles Langbridge Morgan - "The River Line"
*Terence Rattigan - "The Deep Blue Sea"
*Jean-Paul Sartre - "Les jeux sont faits (The Game is Up)"
*Arthur Miller - "The Crucible""


*Roland Bainton – "The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century"
*Dorothy Day – "The Long Loneliness" (autobiography)
*L. Sprague de Camp and Willy Ley – "Lands Beyond"
*Lawrence Gowing – "Vermeer"
*Aldous Huxley – "The Devils of Loudun"; "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow"
*Norman Vincent Peale – "The Power of Positive Thinking"
*Gwen Raverat – "Period Piece"
*Pierre Schaeffer – "À la recherche d'une musique concrète"
*Immanuel Velikovsky – "Ages in Chaos"
*J. M. Wallace-Hadrill – "The Barbarian West, 400–1000"
*Raymond Williams – "Drama from Ibsen to Eliot"


*February 19 - Amy Tan, novelist
*February 29 - Tim Powers, American fantasy author
*March 11 - Douglas Adams, science fiction author
*Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden, author of fantasy novels under the pennames Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm


*February 7 - Norman Douglas, novelist
*February 13 - Josephine Tey, crime novelist
*February 19 - Knut Hamsun, author
*March 1 - Mariano Azuela, novelist, dramatist and critic
* May 26 - Eugene Jolas, writer, literary translator and critic
*April 1 - Ferenc Molnár, dramatist and novelist
*June 1 - John Dewey, philosopher and psychologist
*July 1 - A. S. W. Rosenbach, book collector
*August 9 - Jeffery Farnol, historical romance novelist
*August 15 - Dora Diamant, lover of Franz Kafka
* September 29 – George Santayana, writer
*October 4 - Keith Murdoch, journalist, father of Rupert Murdoch
*November 4 - Gilbert Frankau, novelist
*November 13 - Margaret Wise Brown, children's author
*November 16 - Charles Maurras, poet
*November 18 - Paul Éluard, Surrealist poet
*November 23 – Aaro Hellaakoski, Finnish poet
*December 6 - Cicely Hamilton, dramatist
*"date unknown" - H. J. Massingham, "ruralist" writer
*"date unknown" - Roger Vitrac, poet and dramatist


* Frost Medal: Carl Sandburg
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: Evelyn Waugh, "Men at Arms"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: G. M. Young, "Stanley Baldwin"
* National Book Award: James Jones, "From Here to Eternity".
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Eleanor Estes, "Ginger Pye"
* Newdigate prize: Donald Hall
* Nobel Prize for Literature: François Mauriac
* Premio Nadal: María Medio Estrada, "Nosotros, los Rivero"
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Joseph Kramm, "The Shrike"
* Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: Herman Wouk - "The Caine Mutiny"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Marianne Moore, "Collected Poems"
* King's Gold Medal for Poetry: Andrew Young

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